Ways to Improve your Site’s SEO Rank

Irrespective of the size of your operations, we’re sure that the ongoing pandemic has affected your sales in some way or the other. The current situation of uncertainty has forced every company to digitize all its processes. For this reason, these companies are also focussing on making a prominent digital presence. 

SEO rank is one such parameter that ensures that your business will pop up at the top of the list when someone searches about the service you provide. 

If you wonder what’s new in Brainvire’s SEO Experts, then the following part consists of the basic techniques to guarantee a higher SEO rank.  

How to Improve the SEO Rankings?

There are a few ways that can help you in improving your site’s SEO ranking. Although the search engine ranking algorithm keeps on changing, the search engine always wants to deliver the best solution to the user. 

Maintaining a high quality of content and delivering value is one of the most important things, and the value for original content is higher than ever. Following are few ways that can help in increasing your site’s ranking, 

  • Pick a Good Keyword – Good keyword research is fundamental; before developing the content, a proper understanding of the market and the target audience is essential. Web crawlers use keywords to understand the type of content a webpage is portraying. 

When a potential user searches for something, they use few words, and those matching words are searched for on all pages, and the most appropriate ones appear as results. A good keyword will help your page rank higher than other similar businesses, and the chances of the user to use your service will be higher. 

  • Have a Proper Idea about the Competition – Understanding the competition is very important for a digital platform. You can take inspiration from their performance and align your content so that you will be able to attract their customers. If you are new to the industry and competitors are better than you, you can follow their strategy to create a customer base. 
  • Create Valuable Content – Nothing is more valued than original interactive content. If you are not providing something new or something different, then your SEO rank will never increase. The SEO algorithms try to make sure that the user is getting exactly what they want very easily. Your content has to be in a tone that the user will like to read, and its length should not be too long or too brief. Google prefers content that loads quickly and delivers value so that the user doesn’t have to go from one page to another to get the desired answers. 
  • Use Keywords in the URL and Image Caption – Keywords should not only be inserted in the content. There are many places where you can insert keywords organically, and it won’t be noticeable to the reader. Keywords can be added to the slag part of the URL, which the browser can use to understand the topic of the webpage. 

You can also insert the keywords in the title, but the placement should be very organic. The image’s alt tags are another place for positioning the keywords where the reader cannot view them, but the search engine can identify them. The alt tags can be altered after the image has been uploaded to the web page. 

  • Use Backlinks Properly – Backlinks are a great way to make the search engine realize your web page’s importance. This can be done in two ways, in the form of internal links and external links. Internal links link one age to another, while external links connect two web pages of different companies. External links are valuable as they show that a different company, which is validating your web page’s quality. This is very powerful while it comes to increasing the SEO score of a website. 


Getting a high SEO rank is vital to the success of a business. You should always aim to provide the audience with content that solves their queries in the simplest possible ways. Remember, the site ranking of your business is also a resulting factor of multiple actions which go on throughout the multiple levels of operations.