Moroccan Scott Cannon: Wiki and Biography, Age, Height and weight, career, family and Girlfriend Net worth, and much more

Moroccan Scott Cannon

Moroccan Scott Cannon (born on April 30, 2011, at 11 year aged) was born in Santa Monica, California. Monroe Cannon is his twin brother. Moroccan Cannon is an extremely well-known and famous celebrity. The entertainment industry is aware of his parents.

It is well-known that Scott was the child of famed American artist Mariah Carey, who is of Irish, American, African as well as Venezuelan descent. Scott has appeared in numerous TV and movie shows. Moroccan is a big admirer of “Steven Universe”.

Who’s Moroccan Scott Cannon ?

Moroccan Scott Cannon Image

An American media actor and personality, Scott Cannon (born April 30 2011,) was born in Los Angeles. Famous actor’s parents helped make Cannon famous within the entertainment industry. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon raised Cannon. He is the son of Monroe Cannon. He is often compared to his mother, Cannon has also been described as the “mini-Mimi.

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Nick Cannon asked Mariah to marry him in the style of a Moroccan décor apartment, and which is why the couple named their child Moroccan with the name Scott for his name as his middle since Nick is Nick’s first name. There’s evidence that Moroccans are avid gamers.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Wiki:

NameMoroccan Scott Cannon
AliasMoroccan, Roc, Rockey, Rocstar
Popular forSon and the son Mariah Carey, and Nick Cannon
Day of Birth30 April
Birth Year2011
Age (as 2022)11 years old
Zodiac SignTaurus
BirthplaceSanta Monica, California, USA
HometownSanta Monica, California, USA
Father’s NameNick Cannon
Mother NameMariah Carey
SiblingsMonroe Cannon (Twin-Sister)
Step siblingsGolden Sagon Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon, Zillion Heir Cannon (Step Brothers). Powerful Queen Cannon (Step-Sister).
Height4 1 4′ 1 (in Feet and Inches) 1.23m (in Meter) 123cm (in Centimeter)
Weight25 kg (in Kilograms) 56 lb (in pounds)
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorBrown
HobbiesGames to play
Net WorthUnknown
Education QualificationThe study

Moroccan Scott Cannon Biography:

The birthplace was Santa Monica, California, Moroccan Scott was born on the 30th of April 2011. Mariah’s parents are Moroccan-Irish as well as Moroccan-American. Nick’s parents come from Africa. Nick is Taurus who is American in nationality. Also, check out Hila Klein’s Wiki: Biography Height, Age, Family, Height, Husband, Net Worth, and many more.

His mother was the famous American musician Mariah Carey, and he is the son of Mariah Carey. In addition to being a renowned rapper, his father also is a TV host as well as a comedian. His mother is a renowned artist, singer as well as an actress in her native United States. His character has been compared to his mother, and some have considered him to be a miniscule model of her. He is a huge lover of “Steven Universe” and loves watching it often.

Many events have featured the actor with his parents. Morocco has also been featured in numerous Mariah Carey’s shows like Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special (2020), Mariah Carey’s World (2016) as well as All I want for Christmas is you (2017).

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Moroccan Scott Cannon Age:

Moroccan Scott was born on the 30th of April, 2011. At present, he’s aged 11 in 2022.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Height:

In the end, he was able to attain the height at four feet, one inch which is equivalent approximately 123 centimetres.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Family:

He was born into an affluent family and enjoyed an extravagant childhood. Mariah Careyand Nick Cannonare his parents and he is Monroe Cannon’s younger brother. Both of his parents hail from California. Morocco Canon’s father Nick Cannon, is an internationally-respected comedian, rapper and host on TV. The self-titled album Gigolo was a project in which he was a part of a group alongside U.S. star R Kelly was released in 2003.Moroccan Scott Cannon’s father Nick Cannon

Two albums were released by the singer-songwriter in 2006, titled My Wife and Dime Piece The albums were never released. albums were released. TeenNick is the brand name given to the father of Moroccan’s American television channel. The Incredible Crew is a sketch-comedy show that he developed in 2012.

Mariah Carey is one of the most well-known American musicians and singers and is also her mother Moroccan Cannon. Famous for her 5-octave vocal range, she’s also an artist, record producer and actress who is among the most popular artists of all time. Her fame was first noticed in 1990 when she debuted her debut album in collaboration with Colombian record executive.Moroccan Scott Cannon with his sister and mother Mariah Carey

Through the first five singles she released, she was the first female artist to make it to the top position at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In the meantime, she’s become an eminent philanthropist. She was the co-founder of Camp Mariah at Fishkill in which she works with children. Her charitable donations include contributions to numerous organizations, such as the Make A Wish Foundation, that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. Check out Jaden Newman’s Wiki: Biography Age Family and Career, Net Worth Boyfriend and Much More

There is a younger twin sister, named Monroe Cannon, and an half-brother named Sagon Cannon.

Moroccan Scott Cannons Parents’ Divorce:

In the course of filming Mariah’s “Bye Bye” video, Nick and Mariah met and were wed on the island of The Bahamas on 30 April 2008. The couple revealed that they had separated on August 14, 2014. Nick was divorced on the 12th of December 2014 The divorce was completed in the year 2016.

Although they were engaged on January 21st, 2016 Mariah was married to James Packer ended their relationship within a short time. Her present girlfriend is American choreographer Bryan Tanaka, whom she started dating in the year the year 2016.

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Moroccan Scott Cannon Girlfriend:

Moroccan is not old enough to have experienced any relationships or love affairs He hasn’t been involved in any relationships with women.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Education:

The specifics about Moroccan’s education remain to be determined, but Moroccan is a student at an elementary school. He is a part of the majority of the school’s shows as a part of the drama group at his primary school located in Santa Monica. Moroccan Scott Cannon with his sister and mother

Moroccan Scott Cannon on Social Media:

Scott Cannon doesn’t have any accounts on social media. However, his parents regularly upload photos of him to their social media profiles. We can see the accounts of his mother and father.

Instagram Account@mariahcarey @nickcannon
Twitter’s Account@NickCannonShow @MariahCarey
Face Book AccountNot known
YouTube account

Moroccan Scott Cannon Career:

He’s not even begun his career ; He’s only 11 years old. Due to the fame of his parents and fame, he’s now dedicated to his studies. Apart from being a rapper as well as a TV hosts, Nick Cannon is a comedian. The songwriter and singer Mariah Carey is also his mother. She is the highest-selling female artist ever. Additionally, she’s topped in the Billboard Hot 100 five of the five times she has released music.

Moroccan Scott Cannon Favorites:

The Color of Your ChoiceNot known
My Favorite actorUnknown
Favorite ActressUnknown

Moroccan Scott Cannon Net Worth:

He’s only 11 years older. Moroccan is the child of Nick Cannon, who is a well-known singer, and Mariah Carey she is also a performer. His parents include Nick Cannon, whose net worth is estimated at sixty million dollars and Mariah Carey who’s net worth is about $520 million..

Moroccan Scott Cannon Photos:

Unknown facts:

  • The twin brother of his has a name: Monroe Cannon.
  • It is apparent that Moroccans are fond of playing video games.
  • Steven Universe is also one of his favorite shows.
  • Mariah and Nick were engaged in a Moroccan-style home that featured Moroccan decorated the walls.
  • Moroccan was five when her parents divorced , and at the time that Golden was born.
  • In 1993, the mother of Moroccan Mariah Carey married Tommy Mottola.
  • Monroe Cannon is his twin sister, whose name taken from his famous model Marilyn Monroe.
  • When they shot the music video that was made for Carey’s hit song Bye Bye, Nick and Carey met one another for the first time.
  • Moroccan had been asked to contact Mariah to introduce herself towards the end of August 2020 by one Tik Tok users. “Tell me I’m on an appointment,” Mariah advised Moroccan. “But my mom isn’t ready to let me be attacked on Twitter So yeah,” Moroccan replied. He said the reason she had a conference phone call. Morocco’s TikTok profile was made private after a string of videos.

FAQs on Moroccan Scott Cannon :

What is Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Moroccan Cannon is known and well-known as a star. The entertainment industry is conscious of his family. It is known that Scott was the child of the famous American artist Mariah Carey, who is of Irish, American, African and Venezuelan descent. Scott has been in numerous TV and movie shows. Moroccan is a huge fan of “Steven Universe”.

What is the age of Moroccan Scott Cannon?

He’s currently 11 years old at the time of 2022.

Is there a connection between Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Twins?

Yes the twin brother of his is Monroe Cannon.

What is the name of the dad to Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Moroccan Canon’s father Nick Cannon, is an internationally-respected comedian, rapper and host on TV. The self-titled album Gigolo was a project in which the duo collaborated alongside U.S. star R Kelly released in 2003.

What is the name of mother to Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Mariah Carey is one of the most well-known American music and vocalists as well as her mother Moroccan Cannon. She is known for her five-octave voice range, she’s also a record producer, musician and actress who is among the top-selling artists in the history of music. The singer became famous in the year 1990 when she debuted her debut album along with Colombian record executive.

What is the reason why Moroccan Scott Cannon is so well-known?

The famous parents of a star actor made him famous within the entertainment industry. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were his parents, and he is also the sister of Monroe Cannon.

The place Moroccan Scott Cannon was born?

Moroccan is a native of Santa Monica, California.

What year was Moroccan Scott Cannon born?

Moroccan Scott was born on April 30, 2011.

What are step-siblings to Moroccan Scott Cannon?

Golden Sagon Cannon, Zion Mixolydian Cannon as well as Zillion Cannon are his Heirs. Cannon are his step-brothers of Scott as well. Powerful Queen Cannon is his Step-Sister.

Which is the worth of Moroccan Scott Cannon’s parents?

The parents of Maroon are Nick Cannon, whose net worth is estimated at 60 million dollars. The other is Mariah Carey with a net worth of approximately $520 million.


Here is a complete look at Moroccan Scott’s life. It is a performer as well as an entertainment persona who hails from Los Angeles. Some people don’t have same fortune in the same way as Moroccan Cannon. While he comes from an affluent family, he made his way to the level of notoriety. In the end, he could be considered to be nepotistic and he’s doing his best to make amends for his mistakes.