How To Access Piso Wifi Vendo Login Portal?

How To Access Piso Wifi Vendo Login Portal?

How To Access Piso Wifi Vendo Login Portal? Piso Wifi Vendo known as the biggest Philippines ISP that was in the process of establishing an arcade style internet service provider. It was established in 2017 and it has been growing each day. PISONET is its previous version that was first launched in 2011, however it was changed to Piso wifi in the year 2017. Piso is a Spanish word meaning one-peso, which means that users can access internet by using coins. It’s the cheapest price internet available, and it is delivered to you by vending machines. It is referred to as a an internet rental service that can be purchased using coins. People who cannot pay for high-priced internet are able to make use of this service using coins. is an default gateway which contains four sets of numbers between 0 and 255. Because it is a distinct IP address assigned to every user Internet service providers provide unique addresses to every device. The initial 3 points in an IP address that is default are the network ID and the last one is the device id which is unique. In 3 points, the first point is the network id which is 10. In this post we’ll share a the complete guide regarding Piso WiFi Vendo. how to log in to the default password and login, benefits and issues with FAQs, and much more. So read till end!

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To log in, you need to follow the steps below. If you already have an existing router in your home, you don’t have to purchase a new router. You can connect to the internet with this router:

  1. Open the browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)
  2. Type in or into the address bar. There may be a warning message to ignore this warning, but remember that you’re accessing it from a another router.
  3. An login window will be displayed. Log in with your user name and password into the appropriate field.
  4. Then click “Log In” and you will be taken to the The Admin Page.
  5. You can alter settings and perform other tasks in the router’s admin panel.

We recommend checking the URL for access to the panel. There are two zeroes on the page, and not three. Once you have logged into the router’s admin panel you can look around and alter settings in accordance with your requirements. You can also change your IP address via the your panel.

Notice: You can route between 0 and 255, such as and It is permitted to change the IP number from Comcast and Xfinity from and of Xfinity and for Comcast. in the case of Comcast.

Default Username and Password

Every router has its unique initial username, password and default password. It’s not possible to cover the entire list in this post, which is why we’ve listed the the most frequently frequent logins and passwords here. Try any of these:


Benefits of Using Piso Wifi Vendo

Utilizing this internet service can bring many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • For those who cannot pay for expensive internet services can access the internet via Piso Wi-Fi.
  • It aids in managing bandwidth Users, bandwidth, in rate of time and bandwidth management.
  • It is possible to use the IP address is repeatedly used.
  • Telecom still earns a profit from its low-cost internet service.
  • The administrator is able to control rate adjustments from any location.
  • The procedure is easy which makes it simple to use and access at anytime.
  • Piso Wifi Vendo internet service is nearly free, without having to sign up to any packages.

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Issues Regarding Using Piso Wifi Vendo

You may encounter issues when using for example, slow response time, wrong IP address, incorrect login credentials Gateway not responding, and much more. We’ve covered the most frequently encountered problems encountered by users in the following sections:

1. Gateway not responding/Long response time

If you’re experiencing problems while connecting to the server using It is necessary to change your IP address. The current IP addresses comprise,, We hope that these IP addresses can help you help you solve your issue. If, however, they aren’t working, you should examine your wiring or router. To solve this issue disconnect the wire and connect the wire again to the router or reboot it.

2. Wrong Address Assignment

This problem occurs when it is the network’s responsibility to assigns IP addresses to every user. The majority of IP addresses do not fall within the area of which is why they block your Internet.

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3. Wrong IP Address

The third problem you might encounter is an the incorrect IP address. You may have typed in the wrong number in URL Bar, which can result in the inability to connect to the internet. In it is only two zeros, so you should be cautious when typing the URL. You could enter instead of However, not because it’s not valid because it has 3 zeros. If you type incorrectly or misspell it, the browser will lead you to a Google search results or the default homepage will be displayed. Even if you include https before it is still invalid.

4. Forgot login credentials

The most serious issue could be the wrong username or password you used to sign in. This article we have provided some default usernames as well as passwords which are most commonly used. Try one of them, or you should check your router’s backside.


Can I safely use the internet using Piso Wifi Vendo?

It is safe to browse the web site. Although it isn’t free, however you will have to pay for it. However, the amount you pay, it is always secure.

How do I log in to the standard login for

We’ve shared nine default passwords on the list below. Try first login admin username and password, as it is the default login on many routers. If nothing works take a look at the backside of your router.

How much do I need to pay for internet?

The name of the business is Piso the first step is to begin at just one peso to access internet services.

What is the Piso Vendo Wi-Fi function?

Piso Wi-Fi is similar to vending machines. However, rather than selling foods items, it activates an internet connection to which users of mobile phones can join for just P5 for 30 minutes or P10 for an hour.


It is the Piso Wifi Vendo is an almost free internet service providing thousands of users. Because it is free you’ll be confronted with advertisements. This is the only method for the company to make money, so it’s not a bad deal to take on advertisements and gain Internet access for no cost. It is only necessary to activate the firewall to safeguard your PC from viruses or malware, as it’s an internet that is public.