Why Is Everyone Talking About THC-O Vape Pen Right Now?

THC-O Vape Pen

Marijuana is a plant that is insanely popular right now. It is all thanks to the internet that has made this possible. Its popularity among the youth and middle-aged people has added to its popularity even more. But you may be wondering about the reason behind its popularity. Was it always so popular, or is it a recent development? Why do people even want to use these things?

These questions must have come to your mind if you heard about it for the first time. The hemp plant garters many compounds. They all have varied qualities and powers. The two compounds popular worldwide are cannabidiol or CBD and Delta 9 or THC. Although we get them from the same plant, they work differently. One of them makes you high, and the other one does not.

It is the difference between these two compounds. They target the same receptors and the same system of the body. But their process of working with the body is similar. Everybody needs a stress buster, and hemp products do just that to rid your stress. One of the compounds found in hemp can give you that euphoric high that can relieve you of all your piled-up stress and stiffness.

D9 or D9 are said to be tremendously psychoactive compounds. But there is a product that is even more psychedelic than D9 or D10. This compound is called THC-O. It comes as THC-O vape pens, edibles, gummies, and other products. But what is so special about this compound that everybody seems to be talking about. So, let us find out why a THC O vape pen is so popular-

What accurately explains THC-O vape pens?

Many people who recognize the marijuana plant have heard about THC or CBD. But they are not familiar with the THC-O. It is understandable as it is relatively new compared to THC and cannabidiol. It is a recent discovery, and not many people know about it. It is a compound that is not the constituent part of the cannabis plant. It is a synthetic product produced in the laboratory. We obtain this compound by adding an extra acetate group to the pre-existing Tetrahydrocannabinol.

Although it is chemically similar to D9, its effects can be higher than the original compound. Its powers are allegedly three times more potent than D9 or even D10. It is immensely jaw-dropping as we all know how influential D9 is that almost all countries do not allow its dose higher than 0.3%.

But it also is a prodrug. It is useless to you until your body metabolizes it. That can also work in your favor, as metabolizing can increase the effects of the compound. The most popular way of its consumption is by vape pens. Although they have pen words in their name, they do not exactly look like pens. They come in all shapes and sizes, even in USB shapes.

Can you imagine a vaping device shaped like a USB? These companies have excellent marketing strategies. The usual vape pens have flavors. These flavors come in many varieties, depending on the country you live in. Well, the most astounding fact, many vape pens are reusable. You can now fill your vape pen with a flavor you have not tried after your current one. It is both convenient and worth the rate.

These vape pens work on batteries hence their name e-cigarettes. The batteries produce heat that heats the liquid of the vape pen. This heated liquid then converts into fumes which people vape. The vape pens obtain the heat from the batteries, either rechargeable or use and throw ones.

What about its legitimacy status?

For the most part, it is legal. So you do not worry about your purchase being illegal. Most cannabis products are legally allowed if they do not exceed the 0.3% D9 levels. But besides their legality, you should always check whether they are the third party tested or not. It ensures whether your product is safe to consume or not.

So why is everyone talking about THC-O vape pen right now?

This question can be in the minds of lots of people right now. The popularity of this ester is no joke. Every day you see something or the other about this compound on the internet. People are gushing about how it is the best thing they have ever tried. But is this popularity well deserved? Does this ester do the miraculous things that people are claiming it does?

Or is it just rumors which have gone way too far off? One thing that can be guaranteed is that it is more potent than D9. People who have tried D9 and this ester can tell you about their experience. You can find out about it through the available videos. It has such strong psychedelic powers that it can even make you hallucinate. It is both scary and exciting for many people. You, adventurous people, will surely love to get your hands on a product like this. It can make your boring life exciting and give you the euphoric feeling you never knew you needed in life.

It has strong pain relief properties that can relieve you from both everyday headaches and surgery pain. It has a numbing effect on the body which can help you deal with pain better. So you can say goodbye to your regular pain killers. You know well how the regular ones cease to work after some time unless you increase the dose. They have the inherent quality of the cannabis plant that helps with neurological disorders. We all know that all cannabis compounds have a knack for treating neuro or psychological problems. So, this prodrug analog belonging to the same family also has the same benefits. You can see improvement in both your depression and anxiety issues.

But we can only claim all these good things about this prodrug ester based on the experiences of people who have consumed it. There is no actual scientific data that can support these claims about the benefits of this compound. Scientists are researching this topic, but the samples and research data are limited to this day.

So, at last, we can say that everyone is talking about THC-O vape pens because of the hoard of health benefits that come with them. It is a better, safer alternative to conventional death ticks. The internet also plays a vital role in the popularity of this miraculous compound.