Viral Video: Street Vendor’s Chilli Masala in Gol Gappa May Leave You Teary-Eyed


If the mere mention of street food makes you think about gol gappas, then let us tell you that you are not the only one! And let’s admit it, we all have stood at street-side stalls and savoured that delicious gol gappa paani as the fiery taste of it would explode in our mouth. We certainly can never get enough of that spicy taste. After all, who doesn’t love those crunchy gol gappas stuffed with spicy potato, onion, and chickpea masala and dipped in mint- or tamarind-flavoured water? But what if someone levelled up the spice in your gol gappas? Would you still be able to savour it? Well, If you are thinking about how spicy can gol gappas really get, let us show you.

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Recently, a food blogger named @gareebpanda shared a video of a street vendor making spicy gol gappe. The video shows the vendor mixing a sort of fiery chilli masala in the normal gol gappa paani and serving it to his customers. When @gareebpanda, took a bite into these feisty gol gappas, his teary eyes were enough to tell us about the spiciness level! Take a look at the video here:

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 10.8 million views, 728k likes and thousands of comments. One person wrote, “Wow, this looks so yummy and delicious. “This looks mouth-watering. I want to visit this place.” Many people praised and called these gol gappas “delicious.”

On the other hand, many were also concerned about the hygiene aspect of having these gol gappas. One user wrote, “The vendor dipped his entire hands in the water, where is the hygiene?” Another user said, “Someone, please give this vendor a pair of gloves.”

Some users have also said that this much spice can make someone sick.

What do you think about these fiery gol gappas? Would you like to try them? Let us know in the comments below!


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