How does CSK still be eligible to play in IPL 2022? IPL 2022 Playoffs?

How does CSK still be eligible to play in IPL 2022? IPL 2022 Playoffs?

How does CSK still be eligible to play in IPL 2022? IPL 2022 Playoffs?

CSK: Chennai Super Kings need several outcomes to get them there. the reigning champions must be able to win their remaining three matches with huge margins in order in order to get to the finals. It seems unlikely for the moment, however CSK have not yet been eliminated of the playoffs race.

Chennai Super Kings despite being the reigning champions of the IPL have not impressed by their performances this year’s IPL as they’ve won just 3 of the 10 matches so far. CSK has appointed Ravindra Jadeja their new captain prior to the beginning of IPL 2022. Under his guidance, Chennai won just two (against RCB & MI) out of eight matches.

MS Dhoni unexpectedly took over captaincy at the middle of the season. Under his leadership, up to now, CSK has beat SRH in 13-runs, and losing a game to RCB by the same score that is 13 runs.

Here in this article, we’ll take glance at the remainder of the program that is being played by CSK as well as other clubs to determine the most effective way for CSK to make it into the playoffs without difficulty.

CSK’s schedule for the remainder of May:

Vs DC in DY Patil Stadium, 8 May (7:30 7:15)

vs MI at Wankhede Stadium, 12 May (7:30 PM)

Vs. GT on Wankhade Stadium, 15 May (3:30 pm)

vs RR at Brabourne Stadium, 20 May (7:30 PM )

To be the best chance for CSK They must win the remaining 4 games in this season, which will put them at 14 points or more. If you look at net run rate, teams like SRH, DC, RR have a positive positive NRR , whereas teams like RCB and PBKS have negative NRR. So that if CSK is tied with another teams in the same category, it is best when they are equal to RCB (or) PBKS.

The IPL2022 points Table:

– GT 8 of 10 wins

– LSG 7 of 10 wins

RR 6 out of 10 wins

– RCB 6 of 11 wins

— SRH five out of nine wins

PBKS five out of ten wins

— DC 4 of 9 wins

– KKR 4 of 10 wins

— CSK three wins from a total of

— MI 1 of 10 wins

Today, GT is already having more than 14 points, and LSG even if they fail to win all their games, they will be in the 14th position. However, LSG’s NRR appears to be a major obstacle to CSK to overcome, so we expect GT as well as LSG to prevail as many as they can.

In the following scenario:

– RR must lose all of their games to remain at under 14 points.

– RCB cannot be able to win more than one match in order to keep the score below or 14 points.

– SRH should not be able to win more than one match in order to remain at less than 14 points.

– PBKS cannot lose more than two games for a total of less the 14 point mark.

– DC must not win more than 2 games in order to keep their score below 14 points.

Note:The same the condition is used as a valid condition for RCB & PBKS as they have lower NRR. KKR will face LSG twice. We’re taking a scenario of LSG winning against KKR twice and failing to beat 7 games in a row and defeat them.

MI isn’t able to win 7 games all-in-all since they’ve lost 8 of their 14 games. Therefore, they’re eliminated.

Then, we’ll deal by analyzing how the outcomes are of RR, RCB, SRH, PBKS and DC should be interpreted by CSK to qualify for the Playoffs:

1. RR will be playing PBKS, DC, LSG and CSK in their next schedule. If RR fails to win all of their games, then PBKS along with DC will already earn one win from this scenario.

2. RCB are scheduled to take on SRH, PBKS and GT in their schedule for the upcoming season. they can only win one of these.

3. SRH is scheduled to play DC, RCB, KKR, MI and PBKS in their forthcoming schedule. They is 1 of these.

4. PBKS is scheduled to take on RR, RCB, DC and SRH in their schedule for the upcoming season the maximum is one each of them.

5. DC is scheduled to play SRH, CSK, RR, PBKS and MI in their schedule for the upcoming season. They could win one of these.

Matches remaining between RCB, SRH, PBKS and DC in the program:

— DC vs SRH



– PBKS vs DC


Case1: DC defeats SRH

– DC will reach their 1 win quota. In PBKS the PBKS vs DC the game PBKS have to prevail.

PBKS will lose both RCB Vs PBKS and SRH in the SRH vs PBKS game since PBKS had their maximum of 1 win against DC.

After all, SRH as well as RCB will be facing each other, which means that one of them SRH (or) RCB will have their second win so this won’t be happening.

Case 2: SRH defeats DC

– SRH will have reached their one-win limit. So, SRH must lose to both RCB and PBKS.

Then, RCB and PBKS will meet up against each other which means that the possibility is that either RCB (or) PBKS will be able to win their second time This scenario is unlikely to be a possibility.

Therefore, we’ve reached the conclusion that if the RR stays at 12 points is not enough for CSK to be able to qualify.

Like GT or LSG we expect RR to be able to win the most games possible and to dominate the IPL 2022 points table.

We’ll try the points table, where

GT LSG and RR will end in a total of > 14 points

CSK is 14 points


DC, SRH 14 points.

Of the four team (RCB, PBKS, DC & SRH) only DC has the option to win two more games, and yet having just 14 or less points.

– We see DC to defeat SRH along with PBKS in their next schedule and loses the remaining matches against CSK, MI and RR.

The SRH as well as PBKS have been viewed as victims of DC because they are the important contenders for that 4th position, and the loss of them will simplify the task to CSK.

– SRH could beat either RCB as well as PBKS in their next schedule

– RCB is able to defeat SRH as well as PBKS in their next schedule

– PBKS could beat one of RCB as well as SRH in their next schedule

If all these are true then

CSK & RCB will contain 14 points precisely

DC, PBS, SRH will have less than 14 points

CSK could be eligible with 14 points, as the CSK’s NRR CSK is just a bit higher than the that of RCB at present.

To enable CSK to be eligible the rest of the match results must be like this for it to happen Match 50 Match 50 DC defeated SRH

Match 51 GT against MI (Any result is acceptable)

Match 52 – RR beat PBKS

Match 53 LSG defeated KKR

Match 54 SRH defeated RCB

Match 55 CSK beat DC CSK defeated DC

Match 56 (56th) MI against KKR (Any outcome is acceptable only if KKR beat LSG. Otherwise, MI must beat KKR)

Match 57 (57) LSG against GT (Any outcome is acceptable)

Match 58 and RR beat DC

Match 59 CSK beat MI. CSK defeated MI

Match 60 – RCB beat PBKS

Match 61 – KKR over SRH

Match 62 CSK beat GTS CSK defeated GT

Match 63 (or 63) LSG Vs the RR (Any result is acceptable)

Match 64 – DC beat PBKS

Match 65 MI defeat SRH

Match 66 The match was a success. LSG defeated KKR

Match 67 GT beat RCB GT outclassed RCB

Match 68 CSK beat RR CSK defeated RR

Match 69 MI beat DC MI defeated DC

Match 70 – PBKS beat SRH