A list of Mobile Network Prefixes within the Philippines 2022

A list of Mobile Network Prefixes within the Philippines 2022

A list of Mobile Network Prefixes within the Philippines 2022

Mobile Network Prefixes: It is crucial to know the list of prefixes for mobile networks in the Philippines to determine the mobile network you’re trying to contact. It’s to your advantage to avoid unnecessary costs when you attempt to contact or text or text your contacts without knowing the mobile network they belong to.

At the moment there are three big cell phone services that are operating in the Philippines including: SmartGlobe and Sun Cellular. Other networks include Republika ng the TMTalk ‘N Text (TNT)Cherry Prepaid and ABS-CBN Mobile. In reality, Sun Cellular and TNT are both part of Smart. In contrast, Republika ng TM is an affiliate of Globe.

Moving to the next point, a number for mobiles within the Philippines is made up of 11 numbers (example 09183441812). The initial 4 numbers (example 0918) is referred to”the ” mobile number prefix” that determines the mobile operator, such as Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular or Sun Cellular. Every mobile network comes with its unique network code or prefixes.

With over 70 (70) cellphone prefixes available in the Philippines and the Philippines, it can be difficult to know which prefix belong to which network. It’s really difficult to keep track of them all unless your job demands making calls to customers using various networks.

In most instances, when you come across a prefix that is not familiar to you You’ll need to ask a person you know, do you know which network 0956 or 0997 is? Is it Globe or Smart? Globe and is it Smart?

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Wouldn’t you love it to be able to view the complete list mobile prefixes available in the Philippines instead of seeking help from someone else in simply determining the network prefix? This is the list you’ve been searching for.

The list of mobile network prefixes for the Philippines 2022

Network PrefixMobile Network
0813 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0817 networkGlobe or TM
0904 networkGlobe or TM
0905 networkGlobe or TM
0906 networkGlobe or TM
0907 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0908 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0909 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0910 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0911 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0912 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0913 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0914 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0915 networkGlobe or TM
0916 networkGlobe or TM
0917 networkGlobe or TM
0918 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0919 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0920 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0921 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0922 networkSun Cellular
0923 networkSun Cellular
0924 networkSun Cellular
0925 networkSun Cellular
0926 networkGlobe or TM
0927 networkGlobe or TM
0928 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0929 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
Network 0930Smart or Talk or Text
0931 networkSun Cellular
0932 networkSun Cellular
0933 networkSun Cellular
0934 networkSun Cellular
0935 networkGlobe or TM
0936 networkGlobe or TM
0937 networkGlobe
0938 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0939 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0940 networkSun Cellular
0941 networkSun Cellular
0942 networkSun Cellular
0943 networkSun Cellular
0944 networkSun Cellular
0945 networkGlobe or TM
0946 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0947 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0948 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0949 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0950 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0951 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0953 networkGlobe or TM
0954 networkGlobe or TM
0955 networkGlobe or TM
0956 networkGlobe or TM
0961 networkSmart or TNT
0963 networkTNT or Smart
0965 networkGlobe or TM
0966 networkGlobe or TM
0967 networkGlobe or TM
0968 networkSmart
0970 networkText or Smart ‘N Text
0973 networkSun Cellular
0974 networkSun Cellular
0975 networkGlobe or TM
0976 networkGlobe or TM
0977 networkGlobe or TM
0978 networkGlobe or TM
0979 networkGlobe or TM
0981 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0989 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0992 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0994 networkGlobe or TM
0995 networkGlobe or TM
0996 networkGlobe or TM
0997 networkGlobe or TM
0998 networkIntelligent or talk ‘N Text
0999 networkText or Smart ‘N Text

SMART Mobile Network Prefixes

Smart Communications, Inc. is currently the most-loved wireless network service provider operating across the Philippines. According to the 2017 year-end report, Smart has about 58.3 million customers to their GSM network! As you’ve probably guessed, Talk ‘N Text is a subordinate to Smart which means it’s perfectly acceptable to contact or text TNT with your Smart number, and vice versa, unless mentioned on the promotional you took advantage of. Here’s a table of Smart mobile numbers:

0813 network

0907 network

0908 network

0909 network

0910 network

0911 network

0912 network

0913 network

0914 network

0918 network

0919 network

0920 network

0921 network

0928 network

0929 network

Network 0930

0938 network

0939 network

0946 network

0947 network

0948 network

0949 network

0950 network

0951 network

0961 network

0963 network

0968 network

0970 network

0981 network

0989 network

0992 network

0998 network

0999 network

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GLOBE Mobile Network Prefixes

Globe Telecom is among the largest network operators within the Philippines. It has around 62.8 million customers. Because, it is the case that Republika Telecommunications is an affiliate that is part of Globe and is a subsidiary of Globe, calling with a TM number through the Globe number is perfectly acceptable and reversed, unless specified in the description of the promotion you accessed. Here is a table of Globe mobile numbers:

0817 network

0905 network

0906 network

0915 network

0916 network

0917 network

0926 network

0927 network

0935 network

0936 network

0937 network

0945 network

0953 network

0954 network

0955 network

0956 network

0965 network

0966 network

0967 network

0975 network

0976 network

0977 network

0978 network

0979 network

0994 network

0995 network

0996 network

0997 network

DITO Mobile Numbers

DITO Telecommunity, dubbed as the third telco operator in the Philippines is just entering the market of telecom services earlier in the year. The topic has been that has been circulating for months. They’re gradually covering all areas across the country. These are DITO number for phones.









SUN CELLULAR Mobile Network Prefixes

Sun Cellular is actually part of Smart Communications but is operated independently. It is this company that first offered unlimited calls and texting services we now enjoy. Here is the entire listing of Sun Cellular mobile number prefixes in the Philippines:

0922 network

0923 network

0924 network

0925 network

0931 network

0932 network

0933 network

0934 network

0940 network

0941 network

0942 network

0943 network

0944 network

0973 network

0974 network

This is the complete list of prefixes for mobile networks in the Philippines in 2022. So, next time you’re trying to figure out which you can use to connect with a mobile network go here and go through the lists above. If you have any additional questions or know of a recent updates, share your thoughts in the comment section below so that others can benefit.