UK Man Orders iPhone 13 Online, Receives Cadbury Chocolates Instead


Online ordering has become the need of the hour in the wake of the pandemic. Earlier, our deliveries were limited to groceries and essentials but now, we prefer to place online orders for even high-ticket purchases such as clothes, accessories and gadgets. The ease of placing orders online is immense, with items being delivered to our doorstep with the click of just a button. However, one disadvantage of placing online orders is that the items we order may not always be the ones we receive. Daniel Carroll, a UK-based man, placed an order for iPhone 13 online. However, upon receiving the package, he found that he had received two bars of Cadbury’s white Oreo chocolate instead. Take a look at his tweet:


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The tweet was shared by Daniel Carroll on his handle, @Daniel_James201, and later deleted. Carroll revealed that his iPhone 13 was delivered after a 2-week delay. Upon delivery, he noticed that the seal of the box had been tampered with and the iPhone was replaced with two Oreo chocolate bars wrapped in toilet paper.

“After a long weekend of a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max being stuck in @DHLParcelUK network, failing any delivery attempt Friday-Sun, I finally picked up the parcel yesterday from DHL Leeds to find the package tampered with and the new phone (Christmas present) replaced with this,” he wrote in his tweet. Carroll had paid USD 1,045 or approximately INR 77,772 for the iPhone.

Twitter users reacted to the news of the missing iPhone being replaced with chocolate bars. Several expressed their dismay and shock at the goof-up. The courier service DHL also responded, saying that they were investigating the incident on priority. Take a look at the reactions:

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