what is the number before infinity

what is the number before infinity

what is the number before infinity : It is not a number ; and there is no highest number . We say that the set of real numbers is infinite, which literally means, there is “no end”; numbers go on forever.

Infinity is a concept for endlessness. If we say a list of numbers goes to infinity, we don’t mean it climbs until it hits the number known as infinity, we mean it climbs forever, getting increasingly larger without end. Something can tend to infinity, but never reach it.

Infinity is an imaginary number so if you meant the previous whole number to infinity it would be expressed as infinity minus one.

We often use the word ‘infinity’ to refer to an unimaginably huge quantity, which isn’t quite right. Rather than a single number in the distance, it’s easier to think of it as a description of a list of numbers.

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what is the number before infinity

Imagine a list of all the whole numbers: 1, 2, 3, and so on. This list goes on forever, because you can always add one to a number on the list. It isn’t on the list, because it isn’t a whole number – but the number of entries on the list is infinity!

Consider the paradox of Hilbert’s Grand Hotel, named after German mathematician David Hilbert. This hotel has infinite rooms, each with a single guest. If it was just a big number, the hotel would be full. But a new guest could knock at the first door and ask that guest to move into the next room. If each guest moves along one room, the room swap can go on forever, squeezing in one more guest!

So that’s the answer to your question. If infinity plus one is infinity, the only number that could be just before infinity is also infinity!