Thermal Phone Case

Thermal Phone Case

A thermal phone case can protect your phone against extreme heat. While most smartphones have an operating temperature range of -20C to 65C, lithium ion batteries can operate at much higher temperatures. Even though the iPhone is capable of working in temperatures as high as 85C, it typically runs in temperatures of 0C to 35C, making a thermal phone case a necessity.

Best Thermal phone Case in 2022 :

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The Phoozy XP3 Thermal Phone Case is the perfect way to protect your smartphone from damage and overheating. This rugged case is made of five layers of patented protection. It features a unique thermal barrier, the Chromium Thermal Barrier (derived from NASA spacesuit technology), which prevents heat from damaging your smartphone. Plus, it extends battery life by up to 4X. It also features multiple attachment points so you can attach it to a backpack, bag or just about anything else.

The XP3 thermal phone case features a dual-point attachment system, which makes it easier to secure your phone. Moreover, it is water-resistant and can be easily attached to your gear. This protective case is also compatible with most medium-sized cell phones. Its weight is only 0.02 kg, and it can protect your phone from sun damage.

The XP3 thermal phone case is made of high-quality materials, which are environmentally friendly. This case also has a patented 5-layer protection system and Chromium Thermal Barrier, which is similar to that used in NASA’s spacesuits. It is waterproof, features multiple attachment points, and a stash pocket to keep small items. It fits most medium-sized smartphones and is made from NASA-derived technology.

thermal phone case

This case comes in two sizes. It is available in a wide range of colours, including a rainbow of Realtree collection colours. The Phoozy XP3 is available in two sizes. The case protects the device from overheating and protects it from water, cold and other potential hazards. Additionally, it prevents the phone from falling when it’s dropped.

Thermal phone cases are becoming increasingly popular as a protective accessory. These cases keep your phone cool in hot weather by reflecting heat away from it. They can also protect your phone from damage when you’re on the go. You can also find them in a wide variety of styles. You can find a thermal phone case that fits your style and protects your device from accidental bumps and falls.

Apollo II

The PHOOZY Apollo II Series delivers rugged protection that’s tough enough for Mount Everest, but sleek enough to make you feel at ease carrying it around town. The award-winning technology and contemporary silhouette are perfect for urban carry, while the layered matrix of premium technical materials strikes the perfect balance between form and function.

Made of high-grade materials that replicate spacesuit technology, the Apollo II thermal phone case is designs to protect your phone from the elements. It will protect your phone from freezing in hot and cold temperatures while extending the battery life. It has a unique impactor core and an impactor-like design, allowing it to fit most phones, including the iPhone 6+.

The PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case offers splash-proof and water-resistant protection for your iPhone. The case’s Ultrashield ripstop skin increases drop protection and helps your phone float even in water. In addition, its antimicrobial lining helps protect your phone from bacteria. This case also helps extend the life of your battery by up to three times.

The Apollo II Series is waterproof with an improved 1.5 impactor core. It also has a Hydrophobic Coating and UltraShield Ripstop Skin. This protects your phone from dust, water, and extreme temperatures. Its modern design is great for urban use. The award-winning technology, layered matrix of premium technical materials strikes a perfect balance between form and function.

The PHOOZY Apollo II Thermal Phone Case is an innovative new series that offers weatherproof protection and extends battery life. Unlike other thermal phone cases, this new series from PHOOZY is water-proof and uses NASA thermal technology. They also has a weather-proof pouch that protects your phone from the elements and keeps it safe in cold weather. It helps protect your phone from shocks and falls in water.

They also protects your phone from extreme temperatures. Its rugged TPU outer shell protects your phone from both heat and cold. It also prevents your phone from being dropped from up to nine feet. Its magnetic closure helps prevent moisture and air from entering the case.

West Slope

The West Slope Case is a highly protective case that fits both non-plus-sized and plus-sized phones. Its thermoplastic design provides protection from heat, water, and drops. The case can be easily attachs to a webbing loop for carrying convenience. Aside from providing protection, the West Slope is lightweight, too.

The West Slope Case from Cold Case Gear is designs to protect your smartphone from all-natural elements, including the sun, snow, and rain. It features aerogel thermal insulation, which is the same material uses by NASA. It is also 100% waterproof, airtight, and weather-sealed, making it a durable and protective option for any smartphone. You can even submerge your phone while it’s in the case without damage.

The West Slope Case is made from tough TPU material that is both water and airtight. The case also features a magnetic closure system that seals out air and moisture. The case is also waterproof thanks to its RF welded edges. If you’re an ultralight hiker or backpacker, this case is a must-have accessory for your phone.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

If you want a case that can protect your phone while keeping all of your valuables within reach, the Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 is for you. Its slim design and durable construction allow it to protect an iPhone 11 and keep your cards, cash and ID secure. The case is also drop cushion and works with wireless charging for convenience and safety. Whether you use it as a wallet or a phone case, it’s a great choice.

This wallet-like iPhone case keeps your cash, credit cards, and ID safe from falling out of your pocket. It also has improved tactile buttons and an ultra-light construction, which means it won’t add a lot of weight to your phone. It’s a great option for those who want their phone case to protect their phones but don’t want to spend too much money on it.

This case is available in two styles. One style fits a 6.7-inch iPhone, while the other comes in a tall, three-inch package. It comes with a mint-green cartoon-style logo on the back, which is prints on a large sticker on the bottom panel. It’s also possible to customize the case with your own design, but you’ll need to pay extra.

The leather wallet-case fits your phone comfortably and features four credit card slots and a larger money pocket. Its kickstand feature allows you to watch videos without getting up from your seat, and the case comes with a lifetime warranty. The wallet-case also features air-pocket corners that help absorb shocks and keep your phone safe. There’s also an extra compartment for a phone charger, which is handy when you need to charge your phone wirelessly.