Revealed: Malaika Arora’s Healthy Cravings Point Towards These Juicy Berries (See Pics)


Malaika Arora is a force to reckon with – from being a celebrated actress to an acclaimed fitness influencer to imparting her sartorial elegance on every stage that she steps her foot on, Malaika has accomplished a lot. Apart from Malaika’s Bollywood journey, she has also managed to become a renowned name in the health and food space. Along with her yoga asanas and tips, she regularly lets us into her diet and foodie secrets too. In a recent Instagram post, the actor revealed her recent cravings and it was none other than the super healthy black raspberries.

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But that’s not it, the picture that Malaika posted didn’t just feature her cravings, it also had information about how healthy these berries are. The text on the picture wrote, “They contain three times the level of antioxidants as that of blueberries,” look at it here:


Malaika Arora shared a picture of black raspberries

Food, especially healthy and homemade, occupies an important part in Malaika’s life. Her social media presence is proof that the actress is the happiest with a bowl of warm and nutritious home-cooked food in her hand. Her many cooking adventures and homemade food binges are here to prove that. In fact, the actress loves enjoying grad celebrations like Christmas too, with her family and home-cooked meals. Read more about it here.

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Malaika is undoubtedly a true-blue foodie who doesn’t forget to maintain the right balance between her indulgent and healthy cravings. We can’t wait for her next informative food post.


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