Padma Lakshmi Shares Picture Of Naan Bedsheet; Twitter In Splits


Internet can be one happening place for all. It is loaded with content that are entertaining, engaging and also funny at times. We have seen several posts, videos and memes going viral across social media platforms – some of which are completely bizarre leaving us in splits. One such post we recently came across was of author and TV host Padma Lakshmi. The ‘Top Chef’ host, who is known for her love for desi food, recently posted about one of the most popular Indian breads – naan. She took to Twitter to share a hilarious post that featured a unique bedsheet that was all things bizarre. It was a 3D-printed naan bedsheet with two pillow cases – both of which looked like the popular Indian bread. The post read, “”Naan Bed for sale, comes with 2 Pilau cases.” Take a look:

The tweet in no time grabbed attention of several Twitter users, who shared quite funny reaction to the post.

“What happens after you eat all your bedding?” read a comment, to which Pada Lakhmi replied, “I collapse asleep on the floor!”

“I had this weird dream last night that I had eaten a giant nan. When I woke up, my blanket was missing,” read another comment.

A third person posted, “Lmfao! Epic! Feel like eating some Tandoori directly on the naan and maybe a nice rich side of Dal!”

“Oh man how I love this. Still drooling over the saag paneer and naan I just ate moments ago…” a Twitter user wrote.

What are your thoughts on this unique bedsheet? Do let us know in the comments below.

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