Newlyweds’ Request To Pay £3.66 For Second Slice Of Wedding Cake Leaves Bitter Taste In Guest’s Mouth


An invitation to a wedding is exciting on multiple levels — the opportunity to finally put on some fancy clothes, catch up with family and friends, and jazz up your social media page with some colourful pictures. But that’s not all, is it? The prospect of indulging in a mouth-watering feast has to be the most exciting part of any marriage function! After all, who wouldn’t want to stuff their face with lip-smacking dishes without worrying about the bill? But for one guest at a recent wedding, having a little extra food came at a cost — £3.66 (roughly Rs. 367), to be precise.

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A Reddit user has shared the screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation with the couple, whose wedding they attended, about paying for an extra slice of cake. How did they find out about this indulgence on the guest’s part, you ask?

Well, the couple went through the CCTV footage of the party to identify gluttony guests and make them pay for it. In the sub-Reddit ‘Weddingshaming’, the user Original Poster (OP) wrote: “I paid for the first slice after it was announced on the day we’d be helping to pay for their cake!! Apparently didn’t count for the second.”

Here’s the screenshot of the conversation:

The unusually bizarre text message has left Reddit users amused. One user wrote: “Tell them to take you to small claims court”.

A second user said that “sending actual video feed is a whole other level of crazy”.

Another user left a tongue-in-cheek comment, saying “I’d reply with consider my gift as payment and in that case, you owe me the difference… so please send your payment of (whatever amount) immediately.”

One other user shared similar views. “I paid X for your gift, X for gas to get there and back, X for clothing to wear to your wedding, and passed up an opportunity to work an extra shift in order to attend. Subtracting the cost of the slice of cake, you owe me XXX. Please remit immediately to avoid late fees,” wrote the user.

The newlyweds may well be able to recover the cake money but they surely won’t have Reddit users’ blessings!


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