Move Over Fried Namkeen: Try These Roasted Chivda Recipes For Guilt-Free Snacking


The moment we boil water to make our evening tea, our mind automatically starts thinking about crunchy snacks to pair up with the tea. Well, snack time is definitely something we all look forward to. From crispy namkeens to savoury biscuits, pakoras, samosas and much more, there are so many snacking options available to munch on. However, if there’s one snack that is delicious yet healthy, it has to be chivda. So, chivda is basically any Indian namkeen that is roasted or lightly fried. In fact, it is one of the preferred foods that are considered great for munching and whetting untimely hunger pangs. Besides the usual recipe of chivda, there’s an array of chivda recipes to try at home. For instance, poha chivda, oats chivda and even sabudana chivda. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start with the recipes. Read on.

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Here’s A List Of 5 Chivda Recipes To Try At Home:

1. Poha Chivda:

Poha needs no introduction. This versatile ingredient can be used in so many ways. From making instant poha batter to stand-alone poha recipes, trust us, the list is endless. Here is one such poha recipe known as Poha chivda. Crunchy and delicious, Poha Chivda packs plenty of punch on the health front. Here’s the recipe.


2. Cornflakes Chivda

With just some basic pantry ingredients and a bowl full of cornflakes, this spicy crispy snack is ready to be munched on. Sounds interesting right? So don’t just sit and wait for long, make this easy and quick dish right away. Find the recipe here.

3. Makhana Chivda

Makhana or fox nut is one such wholesome, crunchy delight that one can savour anytime. Besides, they are packed with essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium and iron. Here we have an amazing makhana recipe to prepare that will keep you satiated for long. Click here for the recipe.

4. Oats Chivda

Ever thought about this combination? No, right? Let us tell you- Oats chivda is made by roasting dry oats and poha together. Add chana dal, coconut pieces, peanuts and curry leaves to them. Toss the mixture in spices and a healthy delicious snack is ready. Find the recipe here.

5. Cereal Chivda

This healthy cereal chivda snack turns out to be a super delicious and crispy treat that can make your evening munching and snacking time much happier and healthier. Watch the recipe for this exciting snack here.

Try these recipes at home and now you know the drill, let us know how they turned out it in the comment section below. Go and munch on!


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