Labor Shortage: US Restaurant Chain Asks Corporate Staff To Work In Kitchens And Serve


An American fast-food chain, specialising in chicken fingers, is sending half of its corporate staff to work in its kitchens to meet the labour shortage across the industry in the US. Half of Raising Cane’s corporate staffers will help the restaurant chain in frying and serving chicken meals to guests across its outlets, according to Bloomberg. The company runs more than 500 restaurants across the country and is working to hire thousands of workers in the coming days. It has already advertised the recruitment process on its website.

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On its website, it says working with Cane’s will allow staffers to get career training and also “have fun on your path to success”. Still, it has struggled to get an adequate number of hourly workers to work in the kitchen and as servers. The sector is battered by this long-running labour shortage in the US. Some employers have decided to raise pay but this has resulted in increased menu prices. Workers, however, say they don’t need to take low-paying jobs in such a competitive labour market, making food connoisseurs struggle to find their favourite meals.

The Bloomberg report said the Louisiana-based company is working to hire 10,000 restaurant workers in the coming 50 days. The restaurant chain employs a total of 40,000 workers and is planning to expand. 

If you too are struggling to find your delicious chicken fingers or other chicken snacks, worry not. You can prepare it at home and load yourself up with proteins and other vital minerals while the industry finds labour. You can cook either chicken potli, crispy herb chicken or chicken popcorn.

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Meanwhile, the company told Business Insider that 200 people from its Dallas office were being sent to its restaurants. And, another 250 members from its “field team”, including marketing and training staff, were also moving to the kitchens. Among those rerouted are senior vice presidents, according to the company.


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