Adrak Wali Chai Recipe: Master The Art Of Making Kadak Adrak Chai (With Health Benefits)


Indians and their love affair with chai needs no introduction. No matter what the situation is, a hot cup of kadak chai sets everything right! A nice cup of tea, whether it’s in the morning or the evening, can brighten your day and even turn it around if you have a bad one. Even though we might make it every day, mastering that perfect balance of tea, sugar, masala, milk and ginger can take a lot of practice. But fret not, if you are also trying to have that perfect taste in your chai, then here we bring you an amazing recipe of adrak wali chai.

The delicious adrak chai is something that we generally have when going through a cold and cough. But even in this season change, a cup of chai blended with ginger is all things tasty! So, for you to indulge in a kadak adrak wali chai, we bring you a mix of ingredients and measurements with which you can guarantee make a delicious cup of comfort! Read the recipe below.

Health Benefits Of Adrak Chai

Generally, many of us have our yummy chai as a way to relax. But did you know that this one cup also has many benefits to it?

  1. Adrak chai, like many other warm beverages, is beneficial to the digestive system and intestinal health.
  2. Strong spices like ginger and black pepper can aid in producing digestive enzymes that act as catalysts, speeding up digestion and breaking down fats and proteins.
  3. Our chai may also help in relieving nausea and body pain.

How To Make Adrak Wali Chai | Adrak Wali Chai Recipe

To make a kadak chai, first, take one cup of water and bring it to a boil. To this, add tea leaves and sugar and let them mix again. Now, as it boils, add crushed ginger, crushed elaichi and let the flavours mix well. Next, add milk and stir. Keep it on low to medium flame so that it boils well. Once done, strain the chai in a cup and enjoy!

For the full recipe of adrak wali chai, click here.

Make a delicious cup of hot chai and enjoy it with your family! Let us know how you liked the taste of it!


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