Manok Na Pula Mod APK: Download, Max level Unlimited Money, Dragon Eye 2022

Manok Na Pula Mod APK

Manok Na Pula Mod APK: Are you a fan of betting games you like? You could certainly visit an online casino and enjoy blackjack, poker or any other game at a casino. But these games require real money and aren’t suitable for all players. You’re only able to participate in Manok Na Pula Mod Apk for those who love chicken and betting. There are a wide variety different chickens within this betting game for rooster so that you can compete with other players from all over the globe.

The game is a satire of the cock betting games that are popular in Asia and especially within the Philippines. It is possible to bet on a chicken to fight to the finish. You can wager with game money you earn by playing, or buy with real money. You can now play online against real players or upgrade your bird up to the highest level to take on the toughest competitors. There are many chickens available to unlock which include Manok Ni SanPedro, Manok ni Taguro and many more!

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“Manok Na Pula” is a game that’s fun created by TATAY the creator of the popular fight game “Duterte Fighting Crome 2”. If you’re looking to experience the cockfighting game without having to invest any cash, then download Manok Napula Mod Apk. Enjoy this cockfighting game now to get access to a wide range of birds! Some illustrations from Manok ni SanPedro are Manok na Pula, Manok na Itim, Manok na Brown, Manok na Brown, Manok na Puti, Manok na Robot, and many more. A bird is equipped with its own attack capabilities, just like horses, a critical chance to win, with an upgradeable defense.

Filipinos are well-versed in the practice of cockfighting. A lot of parents love this sport because they can wager money and have fun at the same time. It is possible to do the same by using Manok Na Pula Mod Apk without wagering on the line with real money using your phone and also challenge other players.

There are a lot of fun and easy casual games to play in the present. People who love playing these games will definitely love Dragon Eyes Unlimited Manok Napula. Cockfighting is a long-standing sport that involves two skilled birds fighting to win money and entertainment. It’s still a popular sport across the globe and is particularly popular in Asia. Many bet money on the game.

Features of Manok Napula Mod APK, Max Level Unlimited Cash and Dragon Eye:

With the addition of amazing options, Manok Na Pula Unlimited Dragon Eye MOD APK constantly enhances the game. In the end, you’ll be able to enjoy it greatly. There are plenty of amazing features. It is impossible to get bored with these games. It’s true that this game comes with a number of unique features that aren’t widely known. But, we’ll look at some of the most significant ones in the present.

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Attractive Game

Because of the appeal in the games, women have come up with monsters for this game to attract more players. Video games are typically played by men even though the creator has women in their characters. Everybody enjoys the game’s features. There are many amazing aspects of this game.

You can have fun playing with your colleagues

This is a great game allows you to enjoy with guardians or with your buddies. It’s a character-based multiplayer game. It allows players to connect with players via IDs If you’re bored with playing the traditional game by yourself Invite your friends or a friend to join in the fun Manok Napula Unlimited Dragon Eye MOD APK. Play this game which is updated with the latest features!

Subscriptions unlocked

The MOD game is, for largest part, is available at no cost. Because this version comes with multiple characters skins, skins as well as all the Manok Na Pula unlimited Dragon Eye MOD APK games premium (Premium) attributes. This makes the game simple and reliable. The game doesn’t require any purchases or additional costs. You’ll get all the property you buy at the time of purchase, without any additional charges or cash.

The graphics are excellent quality.

To improve it easier to make the Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye game enjoyable and popular, it’s essential to use high-quality (HD) graphics. Because this function improves high-quality graphics integrated into the game, it’s currently being downloaded. The graphics of this game are breathtaking. Game graphics have been highly praised as well as commented upon and have been rated highly on the Play Store. Since the quality of the graphics on screen has increased over time the future games will be of the highest quality.

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Unlimited abilities (Unrestricted capabilities)

The most well-known and distinctive feature is that it’s one of the best ways to be successful and over. It’s the best among all the features. It requires skills to win at any level; without them, you could install and play , but never be able to win. In the end, Manok Na Pula Unlimited Dragon Eye MOD APK will provide the player with endless possibilities

The single-hit

If you play the game correctly, then you don’t need to exert an enormous amount of effort to cause harm to somebody. The use of your brain isn’t required. The game has the feature known as One Hit, which allows players to kill any player in one hit. This is a fantastic option for those who like winning. You’ll be able to beat all of the players within a matter of minutes!

The sound quality is great (Sound Quality)

Although, I’ve not seen the voices of the game yet however, based on the reviews of my friends and searches for the game, I’m able to imagine that the sound quality will be exceptional. The majority of people won’t play games unless they have an excellent game, good sound quality as well as visuals. Therefore, I am sure you’ll enjoy the sound in this game. Give it a try to relax your brain.

There aren’t any advertisements

Advertising is an annoyance for us. They are everywhere constantly when you watch TV and playing games on video. Modified games, on other hand, do away with ads and provide ad-free gaming for all players.

GamePlay Manok Na Pula Unlimited Dragon Eye MOD APK

One of the most well-known and innovative game titles, Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye is a combination of action adventure and puzzles to create a totally different experience. In this game, players pick an stunning and powerful female characters , and battle to stop the illness from spreading. Character interactions enable the player to influence their characters in a more effective way and also to use their skills when certain requirements are fulfilled. The game’s uniqueness extends to game modes and maybe other features that are appreciated by stunning and beautiful females. The game features a wide range of mechanisms and systems players can discover while playing.

It is satire of famous cock gambling games which are common across Asia particularly the Philippines. In this game, you wager on a chicken to battle another until it dies. You’ll bet money on this and find many chickens that are tough today. Play against real players now online and improve your chicken to its maximum level so that it’s able to beat the best immediately. There are many chickens you can unlock like Manok ni SanPedro, Manok ni SanPedro, Manok ni Taguro and many more!

The game is a Cock Betting Game

There are a lot of games for kids that are enjoyable and fun to play right now. If you’re a fan of the games mentioned above that you love, then you’ll be playing lots of games that are simple to play. If you’re not aware that cockfighting is a traditional sport where two skilled birds battle each other to death to entertain and gamble. Around the globe it is very popular, particularly in Asia. It is a thrilling game where you can bet using real money against a lot of players.

However, if you’re looking to experience cockfighting without risking any money, then you should play Manok Na Pula. It is a Cockfighting game is available to play today. you are able to unlock various kinds of birds! You can choose from Manok ni SanPedro, Manok na Pula Manok to Itim, Manok na Brown, Manok na Puti, Manok na Robot, Manok ni Taguro and numerous others. Each bird comes with distinct attack strength and HP, as well as critical chance and armor you can enhance.

Play game modes like for instance the Campaing and an Online Match! There are a lot of diverse places to battle against.

Manok Na Pula Features

If you’re an Filipino or a Filipino, you’ll know the meaning of cockfighting. It’s an activity that a lot of dads take part in because it can be done with big cash. With Manok Na Pula, you are able to enjoy the sport without risk.

The Ultimate Cockfighting Game

–There are a variety of activities which allow you to earn money. Most often, you’ll see these games in casinos , where players are playing roulette, poker blackjack Big Six Wheel and numerous other. If you venture into diverse places, you’ll find that cockfighting remains an extremely popular sport that is like horse betting. These birds are specially trained to battle until one is no longer fighting. You could win or lose money by betting on this site.

If you’re not looking to risk real money You should Play Manok Na Pula. In this game, you will be able to enjoy every aspect of cockfighting however, with a variety of parodies available in the present. Explore different kinds of birds such as those of Manok ni Taguro, Manok na Pula, Manok na Dilaw, Manok na Itim, Manok na Brown, Manok na Berde, Manok na Hubad and more. The bird you choose to upgrade now!

Game Modes

As you are aware that cockfighting is a bet game that is based on funds in the world. In this instance, however you can participate in various game modes currently. It’s an option called Campaign Mode where you’ll face numerous challenging opponents and you’ll be able to win lots of cash. There are also online games that you can participate in to battle against other players around the world! Take advantage of betting your hard-earned cash now and see if you will be able to take the crown. Of course, there’s the possibility that you’ll lose your cash!

The ability to unlock many bird species

There are a variety of birds to unlock on Manok Na Pula. They include the Manok na Robot, Manok na Pink, Manok na Pula, Lechon Manok, Manok na Itim, Manok na Asul, Manok na Samurai, Manok ni Taguro and many more. Each of these birds has distinctive stats can be upgraded. The attack power HP, critical chance, HP and armor.

Different locations Different Places You are also able to fight at a variety of exciting locations during this online game. There’s the traditional Cockfighting Pit as well as the mountains filled with lava as well as the snowy mountains of the outer space, and other. You are able to fight in a variety of locations today and take on numerous tough adversaries.

Upgrades Upgrades You are also able to upgrade the chickens to boost their performance on this page. You can improve HP, attack defense, and many other things in the present.


  • Bug fixes and updates are available for the server
  • Money with no limits
  • 7 new MANOKs with a powerful engine added
  • New places added: Six
  • Eyes Unlimited
  • The languages added are: Bisaya
  • The XP bar is added
  • Matchmaking, fixing classic matches
  • Improve the classic match algorithm to allow to make it easier to play
  • A delete button was added for friends.
  • Matches online with history added
  • The chicken’s characteristics must be changed.

How do I How to Download Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money Dragon Eye

  • If you’re looking to download the most recent version then you can download it via our website by through the direct download links located at the top of this post. Be sure to install the app on your phone or tablet.
  • The first step is to first go to the settings of your smartphone or other device.
  • You can then select the option for unknown sources within the Security option.
  • You can enable this option However, do not be concerned about the warning warning, since this game is completely absolutely free for downloading.
  • The APK file download is available is available for Pencuri Movi . Choose to download the APK version to download it from the site.
  • In order to install Burning Manok Na pula Mod APK with Max Level Unlimited Coins and Dragon Eye visit and type in the name using the search bar.
  • Utilizing the results of your search Click on the appropriate link to download the app.
  • First, ensure that the game you used to play is not closed. Install the APK that you downloaded.
  • The game can start after you click on the game icon once the installation is completed.
  • You can play Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye on your mobile device

Commonly asked questions:

Q: Is Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money And Dragon Eye free?

A: Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money Dragon Eye is free software with endless options. Making the switch to business mode free can be a bit expensive. However, you can download APK here for free.

Q: What do I download Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Cash and Dragon Eye for Android from

It’s really simple. Since I have shared this program at no cost in this article and you’re not required to search for it elsewhere. Download this app for free from Share your experience with your loved ones and family.

Q: Is it legal to make use of APK documents?

Answer: APK files are fully legal application formats so provided they aren’t misused. If you are limited in space on your phone and you wish to keep the most important app then using an APK file is the ideal choice. Additionally, there are a lot of applications that aren’t available in the Google Play Store, some stores also are banned from the Play Store, APK files are the only thing you can download without worrying.

Q: Is this website safe to download these files and others APK documents?

A Yes, this site is safe to download additional application files


In this post, we’ve attempted to explain in detail what we mean by Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye along with commonly asked queries. After you have read all the information you’ll understand the entire feature of each app. In the end, we arrive at the conclusion the Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye is the only tool out there in APK entertainment, offering a wide range of entertainment and fantastic features. The free version is beneficial to understand its features before moving into the premium options. We also informed you about its security. Go to the bottom of this page if you encounter any issues. We’ve discussed everything in plain English. If you have any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts will assist you as quickly as they can. Don’t hesitate to download the application and give it to your loved ones and your family.

Google Play Additional Information for Application:

Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye was recently launched and has gained a lot of attention within a short period of time. It has a score of 5 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store. It’s part of the Google Play Store category. This is a light application. So don’t be concerned about the size of your screen.

Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eye was designed and released via the TATAYfor Android users across the world who want to read their favourite articles in one place at no cost.

The best feature of Manok Na Pula Mod APK Max Level Unlimited Money and Dragon Eyeis that it has the ability to update every day with business-related episodes that are available to users. If you’re looking for a version that is more recent that isn’t available within this app or elsewhere, you can ask that it be uploaded by you.

One thing that stays in your mind is the fact that this app is designed for Android devices. Anyone using other operating systems should not spend their time downloading this app. The application did not perform for those who use other operating systems. Therefore, it is recommended to wait to come back when the operating system and developers create this program. you can.