Watch: How To Reheat Pizza Leftovers Without A Microwave


We all have had those nights when we have ordered too much pizzsa for dinner and have a ton of leftovers the next day. Last night’s leftover pizza becomes the next morning’s soggy and cold breakfast. While there are some people who are big fans of cold pizzas, but people like us want pizza to taste as if it was freshly baked in the oven. How does one rejuvenate the leftover pizza without having an oven or a microwave? We have the perfect hack for that. You can get a crisp base, gooey cheese and fresh sauce on your leftover by using this easy trick we found online.

How To Reheat Pizza Leftovers Without A Microwave:

The lack of a microwave shouldn’t stop us from heating leftover pizza. With this easy cooking hack, a day-old pizza can taste as if it is fresh out of the oven. All you need is a pan with a lid, a stove and water and you are a good go. Here is how you reheat leftover pizza without a microwave –

Place the pan on medium heat. Let the pan heat evenly.

Now put the pizza slices on the pan. Wait for a couple of minutes.

Pour a few drops of water on the side of the pan, make sure the water doesn’t touch the pizzas.

Immediately cover the pan, before the water completely evaporates. Keep it for 5-7 minutes.

Once you can see that the cheese on the pizza has melted, remove the pizza from the pan.

Voila! The leftover pizza will taste oven-fresh.

Watch the video below to see how it turns out:

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Pro Tip: The same process can be repeated in the microwave as well. All you need to do is place the slice of pizza along with a cup of water in the microwave and let it heat for roughly 45 seconds. The pizza will be fresh and moist.


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