Wait, What? This Unique Chocolate Golgappa Has The Internet Divided; Would You Try It?


What is it that you love about golgappa/pani puri? Is it the crunchy and savory outer shell or the many different types of tantalising filling inside it, or maybe the soul-soothing khatta-meetha paani that binds together the whole experience? For many of us, golgappa is not just another street food; it is an obsession that we have oh-so-dearly managed to carry from our childhood to our adult days. Indians and golgappas are an inseparable pair and there is no doubt about that. It is such a big part of the street food scene in India that many other fusion dishes have been made out of it, but there is just no beating the taste of the original Golgappa, right?

However, this eatery in Indore is redefining the taste of golgappa and has made a fusion dish of its own called the chocolate golgappa. Yes, you read that right, chocolate golgappa is the newest food item that has captivated the attention of foodies all over. In an Instagram reel shared by the page @mammi_ka_dhaba, a pani puri vendor by the name ‘Jain Shree Panipuri’ in Sarafa, Indore can be seen preparing these sweet chocolate golgappas. The video has garnered over 4.2 million views, 184k likes, and 2000 comments.

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The vendor starts by plating chocolate-covered golgappas, he then proceeds to fill them halfway with choco chips and places a tiny piece of wafer chocolate in them. He uses what looks like custard to fill the remaining half and drizzles a good amount of chocolate syrup on them. He then tops it with cashew pieces on every golgappa before serving it to the food blogger. Look at the video here:

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The chocolate golgappa has divided the comments section, while many talk about how atrocious it is and golgappas should be left out of these fusion games, some commented saying that they cannot wait to try these dessert-style golgappas. Some of the comments in favour of the chocolate golgappa were: “Looking yummy and delicious…how I can make by myself?”, “Would love to try this” and “de do yaar” (Give it to me).

Many viewers left comments saying they would never try this dish; one comment read “Golgappe ko mt bigado yrrrr” (Don’t spoil the golgappa), the other one read “Yeh to panipuri ki badnami hai” (This brings a bad name to pani puri) and “Bhai we love our primitive golgappe. We don’t need these modern golgappe. Yaar golgappa ko to chord do. Insaan modern ho rahe ye hi kaafi hai” (We love our primitive golgappas, we don’t need modern golgappas, it is enough that people are turning modern).

What are your thoughts on the chocolate golgappa? Would you dare try this?


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