This High Protein Chickpea Peanut Sandwich Can Easily Fit In Your Healthy Diet


If you want a meal on the go or just a light snack, nothing can be as perfect as a sandwich. This is an easy, simple and amazingly versatile food that has won many hearts around the globe. You can rustle it up with any of your favourite fillings and layers. Have a simple one with mashed and spiced potatoes or make it with chicken shreds: sandwiches can handle all of it. But can you include them in your healthy food regime? Of course, you can. Sandwiches allow you to play with what you put inside the layers of bread. And if you want to grab a sandwich that is rich in protein content to suit your diet, we have a recipe for you.

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If you want a quick and filling sandwich that is high in protein, just make an easy peasy chickpea peanut sandwich. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija’s recipe is healthy as well as satiating. Guess what? You can make it all in the comfort of your home. The ingredients she uses are easily accessible and delicious.


What will you need?

The main ingredients for this recipe are bread slices, boiled chickpeas and unsalted peanut butter. You will also need lime juice and condiments like smoked paprika, cumin powder, garlic powder, chilli flakes, sriracha and salt. Onions, tomatoes, lettuce and herbs are also part of the recipe.

How to make a chickpea peanut sandwich?

First, prepare the chickpea peanut spread. Boil and mash the chickpeas in a bowl. Keep it aside. Prepare a peanut sauce with unsalted peanut butter. You can mix a little amount of water with the peanut butter to make it thinner. That helps in the mixing process. Mix some lime juice to this. Spice it up with smoked paprika, cumin powder, garlic powder and chilli flakes. Now, add this sauce to the mashed chickpeas and mix. Take it a step ahead by throwing shredded onions, coriander leaves and mixed herbs.

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Prepare the sandwich by spreading the peanut sauce on the bread slices. Then, layer it with lettuce. Put a thick layer of the chickpea peanut paste. Add slices of tomatoes on top of this layer. Then, drizzle it with sriracha sauce to make it tastier. Place another layer of lettuce and fold the pieces of bread.

Here’s the recipe video:

High protein sandwiches can’t get crunchier, healthier and more delicious than this recipe. Agree?


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