The Tangra Project: Experience The Exotic Food Of Tangra In The Heart Of Delhi


Nicknamed as the little Chinatown of Kolkata, Tangra is a region in east Kolkata that is home to people of Hakka Chinese origin. Known for its old Chinese traditions and culture, this only Chinatown of India has a reputation for providing lip-smacking authentic Hakka Chinese food. If you have been to Tangra, then you would know that a normal in this little neighbourhood of Kolkata is going to be all about soul-soothing Indi-Chinese food. From small cafes to street-side stalls and to even some fine-dine restaurants – you have options galore. But if you have never been to Tangra, then fret not, now you can indulge in the scrumptious Tangra food without having to leave for Kolkata. Yes, that’s right! Chef Vikramjit Roy’s new restaurant – The Tangra Project – in Delhi is a tribute to the quintessential cuisine culture of Chinatown in Kolkata. 

Settled elegantly on the ground floor of DLF Avenue Mall in Saket, the restaurant exudes swank and has stunning interiors. There are two ways one could enter the restaurant – one through a street-side entrance and the other through the mall.  If you enter through the street-side entrance, you exclusively walk into the restaurant and will be greeted with ante-rooms, closets, art, and finally the kitchen which is the central aspect of the space. The mall-side entry is completely open with an open walk-in bar to the left. 


The menu at The Tangra Project is magnanimous with more than 200 dishes and is segmented on the basis of regions that have inspired the food in Calcutta like ‘From Burrah Sahib’s Bawarcheekhana’, ‘From My Mum’s kitchen’, ‘New Market’s Kathi Mera Sathi’, ‘Bao Baazar’, ‘Kowloon to Kalikatta dumplings’ and many more. Our recommendations from the menu are Parwal guacamole and chips, and Organic spinach, poppy seeds and sesame sauce from Calcutta Chaat section; Haleen on Toast from Toasties; Shrimp Paturi, Chenna Paturi and Kung Pao Chicken from Big Plates; Cabin-style chicken chop from Cooking Chops; Gondhoraj Fish dumplings and Spicy steamed Chengdu chicken wontons from Dumplings section; Nazakati Boti from ‘Tandoor’ section; Kancha Lonka Murgi and Rabibarer Mutton curry from ‘Mum’s Kitchen’; and Rosemary sandesh with lychee rabri and The Rose from ‘Mishti’ (desserts) section.


Where: Unit No. 154-159 Commons, DLF Avenue, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017
Price For Two: INR 2500


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