The Meaning of White, Yellow, Red and Green Stripes on Train Coaches

Stripes on Train Coaches: The Indian Railways, which transport almost 80% of all cargo and 70% all passengers, are the most important of all the country’s transportation systems. This statutory organization is managed by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

Indian Railways was established on April 16, 1853 with the first section of 22 miles (34km) in operation. The Indian Railway System, on the other hand has grown to be the second-largest organization in the world in terms route length and the largest Asian railway system.

For middle-class people like me, who are less wealthy and cannot afford to fly, trains can be a great option.

Travelling by train is the most common mode of transport. Because we have to travel long distances, all of us need transportation. Trains are the most cost-effective and practical option of all transit options. Travelling by train is a great way to experience excitement and exhilaration. All of us must have traveled by train to our vacations with our families.

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Why do train have yellow and white Stripes on Train Coaches?

A train is not only a mode of transport. It connects people and allows them to access resources such as employment, communities, or commodities. It also provides social services. Trains are the foundation of transportation and key to fostering a sustainable economy.

We love to read books and periodicals about the amazing experience of riding trains. As we read these books, our hearts are full of adventure, delight, and delight.

Recently, however, I started to learn about obscure railroad facts. Although I admit to being aware of some facts, one fact that really blows my mind is the one about the different colors of stripes on railway coaches. Although I was aware of the stripes on trains, I did not pay much attention to them as they were not worth my attention.

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Let’s find out why these colorful strips and what their significance is.

These stripes serve a very important function. To distinguish themselves from other coaches, some coaches paint them in a different color above the penultimate windows. Each coach has a different color of stripes, and each one has its own significance. Let’s find out more:

1. Blue coaches with white stripes

Unreserved second-class coaches on a train are identified with white stripes painted onto blue Railway carriages. These stripes allow passengers to quickly identify the carriage when it pulls up to the platform.

2. Blue and red coaches with yellow stripes

Similar yellow stripes are applied to red and blue coaches to indicate that they are being used by sick or disabled passengers.

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3. Coaches with green stripes on the grey

Grey coaches that are permitted for ladies can have green stripes on the bodies.

4. Grey coaches with red stripes

Red stripes are used on grey coaches to identify first-class compartments of EMU/MEMU trains.

Trains are the most popular design element, and so different colors were used for their painting. There were many posters and caricatures on trains, but I noticed something that was always interesting: the train colors alternated between different colors.

But I now know the significance of the symbolism that trains did. To make it easier for passengers to understand information about trains, the Indian Railways uses many symbols, including these stripes.