Restaurant Review: China XO, The Leela Palace Chennai


Other than Chennai’s greatest assets – its people – the city is also known for its fine-dine and classy al fresco restaurants. In recent years, the city had a new layer of cosmopolitan glamour – swanky hotels, lively clubs, pretty cafes, and elegant restaurants – and some of these places are popular for their lip-smacking food in Chennai. Right from south Indian to Italian, American, Japanese and even Chinese – you name it and you will find at least two or three great options to explore. However, when it comes to Chinese especially, in our opinion, there is one place that ticks all the boxes, and that’s China XO at Leela Palace Chennai. 

China XO is the chosen place for many Chennaites as well as for travellers. It’s been around for years, and despite the many Chinese restaurants that spring up in the city, this place still holds its fort. Recently, the restaurant organised two pop-ups at The Leela Palace in Delhi and Gurgaon with an aim to give a little taste of Head Chef Tej B Saru Mgr’s delicious food at China XO, The Leela Palace Chennai.


The menu is incredibly detailed and the starters comprise a whole lot of options – from seafood, chicken, lamb and pork to vegetarian options. For us, Sichuan Chilli Chicken with peppercorn, lantern chillies and green onion was a clear winner.  Coming to the main course, we sampled a plateful of absolutely delicious Chilli Lobster with steamed man tau buns and Wok Fried Garlic Flavoured Seasonal Greens, which is sure to make the most adamant non-vegetarians appreciate the comforts of a well-made vegetarian dish. Speaking of comfort, their Prawns with butter garlic sauce is a dish that no seafood lover will want to miss. They’re perfect for your cheat day cravings for something satisfying and crunchy. 

All in all, China XO offers a satisfying feast with a mix of familiar and exciting flavours. If you are in Chennai or visiting, we recommend that you eat at China XO, The Leela Palace Chennai.


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