Pink Sauce Pasta Recipe: Make Restaurant-Style Creamy Pink Sauce Pasta At Home


Don’t we all have friends who swear that their favourite pasta sauce is the best out there? On the one hand, we have the red sauce pasta lover who believes that the tangy and zesty red sauce pasta is the sole way to go; on the other, we have the white sauce pasta fans who say that the rich creamy white sauce pasta is the only choice you can make. For long, we would have had to choose one of these and ditch the other but not anymore! Because when we were right in between of the pasta sauce wars, we came across a third favourite – the pink sauce pasta.


Pasta is favourite comfort food for many

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The pink sauce pasta brings together the tanginess of tomatoes and the creaminess of the cheese. If you have ever been confused between the two classics, this is the dish you should go for. The rich pink colour is obtained by mixing the red tomato sauce and white cream together, the pink sauce or mixed sauce pasta looks as appetising as it tastes. Easy to make and rapidly gaining popularity across pasta lovers of all ages – why not make this easy pasta at home for a delicious mid-week dinner? Read the recipe below.

How To Make Pink Sauce Pasta l Pink Sauce Pasta Recipe

Prepare a tomato puree by blending together tomatoes and garlic into a smooth paste. In a pan heat olive oil and butter and sauté some garlic and onions add the tomato puree and let it simmer for some time. Add cream and cheese and mix everything together. Add in the boiled pasta and toss well. Remove from heat and serve hot.

Click here for the detailed recipe of the pink sauce pasta.

There you go, a unique pasta for all those days when you just can’t decide between the classics. Let us know how it turns out in the comment below.

If the recipe has got you interested, here are some ingredients you can use to make pink sauce pasta at home :

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