Navaratri 2021: 7 Easy Vrat-Special Breakfast Recipes You Can Make At Home


The country is all geared up to celebrate the Sharad Navratri that begins on 7th October and ends by the 15th of October. The nine-day festival is spent in the devotion to Goddess Durga and hence many devotees abstain from meat and alcohol. Many will be observing a fast in honour of the nine forms of Goddess Durga and stick to sattvic or no-onion, no-garlic meals. Ingredients like onions, garlic, grains amongst others are avoided during the fast and we often feel that limits our meal options to sabudana khichdi and kuttu ki puri. But not anymore! Because what we bring for you today is a handpicked list of some unique and exciting breakfast options you can enjoy while observing the fast. These dishes are so yummy and easy that you will be making these even when not a vrat.

Navaratri 2021: Here Are 7 Vrat-Special Breakfast Recipes

1. Sweet faraali pancakes:

Who doesn’t like those round and fluffy pancakes for breakfast? Added bonus if they are vrat friendly and healthy right? This pancakes recipe uses samwa millet and buckwheat along with banana, coconut and jaggery. Enjoy this fluffy goodness for breakfast, click here for the recipe.


Navaratri 2021: Vrat friendly pancake recipe for breakfast 

2. Mooli Thepla :

Moving on to another round and soft breakfast that we all love- Theplas, but with a vrat friendly spin to it. Mooli theplas are basically flatbreads made with mooli leaves and spices. It uses singhare ka aata, samak rice, boiled potatoes, ginger and desi ghee. Give this delicious breakfast a try, click here for the recipe.

3. Aloo Paratha:

Aloo Paratha needs no introduction; it is the quintessential North Indian breakfast that has a countrywide strong fanbase. You might think you need to give up on your favourite for the next nine days right? Wrong! Because this recipe uses kuttu ka aata and sendha namak ko make it vrat friendly. Mash the boiled potatoes and spices together and fry in loads of desi ghee and enjoy! Read the recipe here.

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4. Sabudana Tikki :

How can we forget the vrat essential sabudana in this list? But worry not, it’s not the same old sabudana khichdi that we are serving, instead, it’s a delicious and crunchy sabudana tikki that will feel like a match made in heaven with your morning or evening tea. Try it out today with this easy recipe here.

5. Kuttu atta pizza:

We are sure you are a pizza lover just like every single one of us – and that’s why we got you a delicious vrat friendly pizza recipe that can be enjoyed as breakfast or dinner. As the name suggests, this recipe uses kuttu ka aata to make the base and other vrat approved veggies, paneer chunks and mozzarella for the toppings. Want to try it out? Click here for the recipe.

6. Samak Dosa:

Samak Dosa is an easy and low calories dish that can be savoured during fasting. The dosa is made with samak ke chawal and singhaare ka aata, the flavourful stuffing is made with mashed potatoes fried in ghee, cumin, green chillies coriander and some ginger. Try making this today, click here for the recipe.


Navratri 2021: Vrat freidnly dosa recipe for breakfast

7. Vratwaale Chawal Dhokla:

Everyone loves the pillowy and tangy dhokla, they are a filling and a comforting breakfast option for not just Gujarati’s but foodies all over. Now, you can make a vrat friendly dhokla and enjoy it for these coming days too. All you need is samwat ke chawal, yogurt, curry leaves, ginger, green chillies and coriander for garnishing and you are set for the day. Click here for the recipe.

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There you have it, try these delicious and quick vrat friendly breakfast recipes for the next nine days.

Happy Navaratri 2021 everyone!


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