Mutton Khichda Recipe: The Comforting Bohri Mutton Meal You Need To Try


We’ve got to admit, there is nothing that spells comfort, nutrition and taste like a bowl of piping hot Khichdi does, right? Made with the simplest ingredients like dal, rice and dollops of ghee, a delicious khichdi will keep you full and energetic for long. A low-effort rice dish, the khichdi has been around for time immemorial and we feel like we’ve seen all that the humble meal has to offer, right? But, for the khichdi lovers out there, we’ve got some news! We came across a non-vegetarian version of a khichdi and it’s known as Khichda. Made with lots of ghee, mutton pieces and a mix of soaked dals, this mish-mash delicacy is an ideal wholesome meal. However, the minimum ingredients and easy preparation make it a much regular dish in many Indian households.


Mix mutton pieces and dals together to make Mutton Khichda

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Khichda is a simple one-pot dish made with whole wheat, lentils, mutton pieces and spices. The dish gives us the same comfort like a khichdi does, only with much more flavours in it. Think of mutton curry and rice cooked together, and that’s somewhat near to what a good khichdi feels like. A slurry of dal and mutton pieces and heaps of fried onions balance the flavors well, add some whole spices if you want to make it even more exotic, or just go with the plain khicda recipe that is equally rewarding too. Toss in the ingredients in a pressure cooker and let it cook for 3-4 whistles, take off the lid and serve hot. You may enjoy the nutritious dish as is or dunk some roomali roti or buttered naan in it. Here is the recipe for you to try this one-pot delicacy today.

How To Make Mutton Khichda l Mutton Khichda Recipe

In a pressure cooker add ghee, onions, ginger garlic paste, mutton and cook until the colour of the meat changes. Then add all the dried spices and mix well. Add the mix of soaked dal, whole wheat, some water and mix well. Let this cook for 3-4 whistles, take off the lid, garnish with a good amount of coriander leaves and serve hot.

Click here for the recipe of Mutton Khichda.

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Try and make this one-pot Bohri Delicacy today, let us know how it turns out in the comments below.


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