Mira Kapoors Khapli Roti And Baingan Bharta Is Just The Homemade Food Inspiration You Need


Nothing beats a good serving of homemade food. Mira Kapoor’s plate has got everything homely that we could ask for. What is she indulging in? Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife has got a delicious platter that contains khapli roti, baingan bharta and kashiphal. On Instagram Stories, Mira gave her followers a glimpse of her nutritious food. She captioned the post, “On my plate today.” Mira also added a sticker that read “so good”. While khapli roti is made with a low-gluten variety of wheat, baingan bharta is mashed dish of eggplants. The third item, kasiphal, or pumpkin looks delectable too.


Mira Kapoor enjoys a homemade meal

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Mira Kapoor’s food diaries often surface on her Instagram timeline. In one photo, we see her wearing a shirt with the print, “No coffee no talk.” She sips a cup of coffee and gazes into the distance through her glasses. In the caption she wrote, “You know what I mean?” and added a coffee cup emoji. We take it as Mira’s confession of her love for coffee.

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Although Birthday feasts are often a delicious affair for Mira, she is conscious about what she consumes. So, on her mother’s birthday, she chose fresh produces to cook the meal. She included a salad of grilled zucchini ribbons, beached spinach and pumpkin, and watermelon seeds on the menu. She also added an Ottolenghi-inspired preparation of roasted vegetables with a yogurt sauce. She balanced this dose of healthy food with a yummy plate of mac and cheese and roasted tomato and garlic spaghetti. Garlic buns and rainbow vegetable pizza were among the other showstoppers at the table.

Seeing Mira Rajput’s food diaries are a relishable treat for all of us. Don’t you agree?


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