Looking For Fresh, Handcrafted Food In Delhi? Head To The Artisanal Project For An Indulgent Experience


In this world of mass-produced foods, it has become difficult to find something that is fresh and locally produced. Even though many bakeries and shops provide us with tons of things, the unique handcrafted flavours might get lost in mass production. However, if you want to indulge in these flavours, then head to Select Citywalk, Saket for The Artisanal Project. This market offers some handpicked fresh, artisanal and natural products that we usually drive for hours to organic markets to get them. This project will be held from 27th September till 29th September.

The Artisanal Project by Select Citywalk aims to provide a platform to local brands that have made a distinct mark for themselves on the city’s food and beverage scape.


“We have always believed in bringing our community together distinct platforms and experiences. The Artisanal Project is one such platform curated by Select Citywalk where we have handpicked select artisanal homegrown brands that are actively setting themselves apart in the city’s food and beverage scape. It is a unique offering for our visitors to experience and try natural, and handmade products for their homes just before the festive season kicks off,” says Yogeshwar Sharma, Executive Director & CEO, Select Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

The Artisanal Project offers an opportunity for people to pick up ranges from gourmet chocolates to cold-pressed oils, artisanal ice creams, Natural Honey, A2 Cow Ghee and a whole lot more! So what are you waiting for?! Visit the Artisanal Project at Select Citywalk today and pick up your favourite items!


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