Karan Boolani’s Birthday Was A Foodie’s Treat With Drinks, Snacks And Chocolate Cake


Celebrity birthdays ought to be as grand and unique as their lifestyles. That’s what Karan Boolani’s birthday looks like. And, we assure you, it was no less than a lavish food affair. Fashion Designer Masaba Gupta, who was present during the birthday celebrations, gave us a sneak peek into the foodie times at Karan Boolani’s birthday party. In Masaba’s Instagram Stories, we see a delicious plate of Pyaaz Kachori with a glass of Martini. The kachori is served in halves so that we see the crispy outer covering and the delectable filling inside. The cocktail has a pink hue and we see rose petals floating on it.

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On Masaba’s social media updates, we see Karan Boolani’s birthday cake too. He is seen sitting in front of a simple yet lovely chocolate glazed cake. It is decorated with minimal embellishments and candles are stuck on the top.


Karan Boolani’s newlywed wife Rhea Kapoor also gave us a glimpse into the foodie birthday party. In her Instagram timeline, we see a post dedicated to the event. A lavish table is laid out in front of the group. We see candles lit at the table and drinks served for the guests. In one of the photos, we get a better peek into the birthday cake. It seems to be decorated with delicious slices of strawberries and other berries.

Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani are foodies in their own way. Their honeymoon was also a foodie’s delight and it is evident from their social media posts. We are glad to see that food was one of the most important Instagram-worthy photos on their honeymoon album. In one such set of pics, we see a view of a sunset and the next slide shows the couple relishing a platter of fresh tacos, nachos and spicy mouth-watering dips. Snack time couldn’t get any better.

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Karan Boolani and Rhea Kapoor’s reception party was also graced by a chocolate cake. In the last slide of an Instagram album, the couple is cutting the cake. The glazed dessert looks scrumptious with small macaroons studded on top.

We are looking forward to more food adventures from their side.


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