Great Indian Festival Sale: Get Up To 60% Off On Bakeware Sets And Other Oven Accessories


We all love eating baked dishes. Be it a cake, muffin, chicken, meat et al. To make each one of these recipes, we need a well-equipped kitchen with baking tools. These tools make the whole process of baking a hassle-free affair. However, buying these tools individually can be tedious, time-consuming and of course an expensive process. That’s why people often resort to buying a complete bakeware set. From baking trays to moulds and much more, these bakeware sets contain a variety of baking tools. If you are planning to buy a baking set, AmazonĀ Great Indian Festival Sale is providing exclusive discounts on amazing bakeware sets. This sale will be commenced from 2nd October for prime users and from 3rd October for others. So, without any further ado, let’s learn about the offers available on the bakeware sets.

Great Indian Festival Sale: Here’s A List Of 5 Bakeware Sets You Must Try:

1. Caffeine Ceramic Handmade Metallic Green Ramekins

Ramekins are perfect for baking small dishes such as souffle, muffins, etc. This ceramic coated ramekin comes in a set of 6 same-sized bowls making it an ideal option to prepare 6 different items. This combo set was actually priced at Rs. 2499 but you are not getting it at 40% for just Rs. 1499.

16% off

2. AmazonBasics Bakeware Set

We have found another strong and sturdy bakeware set option for you. This combo set by the brand AmazonBasics features 6 pieces of baking tools that includes a loaf pan, 2 round cake pans, a 12-cups muffin pan, a roast pan and a baking sheet. It is ideal for making not just one dish but a variety of dishes. You are getting this whole combo at 50% for just Rs. 1299. Hurry up! Grab as soon as possible.

3. USA Pan Bakeware Aluminized Steel Bakeware Set

Here’s another 6-piece bakeware set for you. This set is made with aluminium and coated with Americoat – a silicone that is PTFE, PFOA and BPA free. This whole set is deemed to offer durability and better performance. You can buy it now at Rs. 5480.

4. Signoraware Lock ‘N’ Store Bakeware Containers Set

This set comes in a combo of 3 different sized storage boxes that feature airtight locks that retain the moisture and freshness of the food. Besides, these jars are made up of 100% borosilicate glass making them perfect for both microwave and oven. The actual price of this product is Rs. 1030 but you are now getting at just Rs. 910.

7% off

5. Triple J Bakeware Set

Here’s another combo set for you. This set features 5 different baking tools – 1 bread mould, 6-pieced muffin tray, heart-shaped cake mould, square-shaped tin and form tin. In addition, the roasting pan set features long-lasting all-over nonstick coverage for excellent food release and easy cleanup. Grab this set at just Rs. 1611.

55% off

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