Dwayne Johnson Enjoys Delicious “Coconut Banana Pancakes” On A Cheat Day


Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” is globally famous for his performances in the wrestling ring. He is one of the fittest personalities who inspires people to embrace a healthy lifestyle. But despite all this, who doesn’t have indulgences? Everyone is allowed to have cheat days, right? Dwayne recently shared a post on Instagram and gave us a glimpse of his cheat meal. Can you guess what it was? Delicious pancakes! He posted a video on Instagram showing us the drool-worthy pancakes. In the video, while he pours a syrup all over the stack of pancakes, he is also narrating the story behind this recipe.

He said, “I had a crazy idea to combine coconut & lemon in pancakes and our amazing” and appreciated his chef for bringing it to reality. He said the pancakes are insanely delicious and worth recommending.

Take a look:

Despite being a fitness fanatic, Dwayne Johnson is a foodie and we know it from his Instagram timeline. He keeps his Instafam updates with his gastronomic adventures.

Earlier, he shared a video from his healthy breakfast diaries and made us hungry. According to the video, he relished brown rice mixed with some steak and egg whites and topped with blueberries. He had brown rice oatmeal too. In the video, he stated, “This is brown rice oatmeal that people usually eat with a spoon. But I make it really watery so that I can just drink it.” He further explained why he had that meal and said, “It’s all for a cause…the goal is to raise the bar…so keep the fingers crossed.” Read more about it here.

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Seems like Dwayne Johnson really enjoys pancakes for breakfast since he has posted about it earlier as well. Once, he shared an interesting pancakes recipe with us that was tasty and healthy. It was a coconut banana pancake. Besides banana and coconut, the pancake also had peanut butter!

We wish to see more pancake ideas from Dwayne Johnson in future. What do you think?


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