Do You Often Spill Drinks? Viral YouTube Video Shows How To Avoid It


We don’t realise it, but drinks are extremely important to our daily routines. Coffee or tea wakes us up in the morning. A good drink is a perfect way to complement a hearty meal. In the evening, we refresh our senses with coconut water or sharbat. A common problem with practically every drink is that they often end up spilling out from glasses or cups when being carried from one place to another. Thus, drinks that are filled to the brim inevitably end up spilling out and making kitchens and dining areas messy. If you’re looking for a convenient solution to this issue, a YouTuber has found just what you need. 

Titled ‘Unspillable Cup’, the video was shared by YouTube channel Action Lab Shorts. It has received 2.8 million views since it was posted. Take a look:

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In the short one-minute clip, the vlogger James explains the science behind why we spill our drinks. He says that the energy of walking matches exactly the energy of the drink sloshing in our cups. Thus, when you walk with a drink in hand, the energy builds up until some of the drink spills over. “If you could make the water and the cup always match the same direction, then your water’s never going to spill,” he said in the video.

To achieve this, he used an interesting device with a string attached to the top. The cup could fit easily in the bottom and swung around to prevent the liquid from spilling. Thus, the cup and water moved in the same direction and did not spill even when running up the stairs or spinning it around.

Isn’t it magical how simply the problem of spilling drinks can be resolved? We are definitely all ears if you have any such hacks of your own. Write to us in the comments!

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