Divyanka Tripathi And Vivek Dahiya Are Relishing Delicious Turkish Desserts In Dubai


Divyanka Tripathi’s Dubai trip is a fabulous food adventure that we all are craving. With every food update, the actress is making us drool over delicious dishes. Divyanka jetted off to the Gulf nation to ring in her husband, actor Vivek Dahiya’s birthday. While the couple explores the exotic locale, they are also relishing some of the best delicacies in town. Divyanka’s Instagram updates became a feast for our eyes as we ogled at plates of delectable Turkish cuisine. At first, she showed us a plate of Turkish cake with oodles of milk drizzled over it. Then, she allowed us to take a look at a plate of Baklava ice cream. Vivek Dahiya soon poured a bowl of milk over this dish too. And, we can’t stop gushing about these food items. We also noticed a cup of coffee at the table. Take a look:


Divyanka enjoyed a delicious Turkish milk cake


While Vivek Dahiya got himself some drool-worthy Baklava ice cream

Vivek Dahiya’s Instagram Stories gave us a glimpse of the other dishes at the restaurant. There we see lines of irresistibly delicious puddings, cakes, sweets and dry fruits at the counter. Vivek Dahiya confessed that they were “spoiled for choice in Dubai.” Here’s a glimpse:


Vivek Dahiya showed the different desserts available


Divyanka Tripathi called is dessert heaven

On Vivek Dahiya’s birthday, the two had a sky view dinner. Their special day turned lovelier with the food they relished. The birthday treat featured a melting chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream inside. Vivek Dahiya called it “death by chocolate” in a video that was shared on Instagram Stories. The spread also featured bowls of salad and desserts.

The couple proves time and again that delicious food is a top priority in their lives.


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