Diljit Dosanjh Turns Chef; Cooks Delicious Chicken Curry At Home


Singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh is a person with many talents, not restricted to on-screen performances alone. Sometimes, he can take a detour to his kitchen as well. Believe it or not, Diljit has a good set of culinary skills. You wouldn’t believe it until you saw him making a delicious dish of chicken from scratch. Diljit fully trusts his skills and he isn’t shy about showing them off on Instagram. A string of videos on Instagram Stories showed him cooking chicken, step by step. He put oil and tadka in a kadhai. Then, he cooked the raw pieces of meat. Next, he added ginger garlic paste to it and said that he loved the aroma rising from the vessel. Tomato puree was the next ingredient to go into the pan. After this, Diljit let the ingredients simmer on a low flame for 15 minutes.


Diljit prepares the chicken curry with a tomato gravy base

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Diljit walked us further into the recipe. He added curd to the preparation and some Indian spices. The last few ingredients to grace the dish were a few herbs. Among these, Diljit completely fell in love with the mint leaves for their unique aroma.


Diljit is using mint along with other Indian spices for the chicken curry

While Diljit prepared the dish, he also sang out loud to his heart’s content. In the end, Diljit cut a piece of the chicken and tasted it. Given the way the dish looked and the way Diljit reacted to its taste, we know that it must have been really good. When he was done cooking, the singer put it in a bowl and uploaded a pic on Instagram Stories. The text on the snap read, ” I need my spoon.” He also had a bowl of rice ready to go with this curry.


Diljit paired the chicken curry with white rice

The chicken curry wasn’t the only thing on Diljit’s platter. The foodie in him showed in all glory on his social media. We caught him drooling over a box of utterly delicious doughnuts and cupcakes. Some of them were coated in thick chocolate glaze while others were served plain or had a strawberry glaze on them. There were also colorful¬†sprinkles on top.


Diljit was also enjoying some donuts on the same day

But you would be wrong to think that Diljit only indulged in gastronomic excesses this week. He knows how to balance his platter. Here’s proof. We noticed that he took a liking to berries. He opened two containers of blueberries and strawberries before him and poured spoonfuls of blueberries into a blender. Then, he told us that he was preparing a smoothie.


He also made a blueberries smoothie for himself

Diljit’s fun vibes and food treats are making us hungry. What about you?


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