Are Your Green Peas Sprayed With Artificial Colour? Find Out Here


As the season changes, we see many new vegetables being added to our list. And right now is the season of green peas! Green peas are used in a lot of Indian cooking; whether you want to stuff them in tikkis or mix them in curries or sabzis, this vegetable always seems to amp up the taste of our meal. But did you know that the green peas you are mixing in your diet could be harmful for consumption? Ever since the change in technology, we find many non-seasonal vegetables throughout the year that are grown in chemicals and are harmful to us. And the green peas we get at the market could be one of them. So, how do you find out if the peas are safe for consumption or not?

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) recently took to Instagram to share a post explaining how to check for artificial colour on green peas. Many vegetable sellers are known to use artificial colours on vegetables to make them look fresh and appealing which can have adverse effects on our bodies.

According to a paper called ‘Colouration of Vegetables in Market: Safety Concern,’ published in Indian Food Industry Magazine, artificial colours have hazardous effects like causing a change in the carbohydrate and protein intake, affecting the absorption in the small intestine and reduced the level of vitamin A and vitamin E in the body.


How To Check If Your Green Peas Have Food Colour On them:

If you want to examine the food colour on your green peas, then take this simple test suggested by FSSAI.

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In this test, all you need is green peas and water. Take water in a glass and then add green peas to it. Let it sit for half an hour. If the colour of the water changes, then your green peas are adulterated. If not, then it can be considered safe for consumption.

Take a look at their experiment here

Take this simple test and check for artificial colour on your food.


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