After ‘Saree’ Incident, Delhi Restaurant Shut Over License Issue; Twitter Reacts


Delhi restaurant Aquila had received immense criticism in the recent past for denying entry to a saree-clad woman. The eatery, located in Ansal Plaza Mall in Andrews Ganj, was called out after a video by the customer had surfaced online. In the viral clip, a staff member was seen disallowing entry to the lady, claiming that saree did not qualify as the dress code of ‘smart casuals. Internet users had expressed their surprise at this bizarre rule in the capital city’s eatery. However, in the latest development, Aquila has been asked to shut by South Delhi’s Municipal Corporation (SDMC).

The restaurant was issued a closure notice on 24th September 2021 by SDMC for operating without a valid trade license. The notice said that the facility was running in unhygienic conditions and encroaching on public land.

“The restaurant was running illegally without licence. The notice was issued to the eatery only after I raised the issue. Now, the authorities have informed that the restaurant has been shut. It is a matter of probe that how the restaurant was running without a licence,” Congress councillor Abhishek Dutt told PTI. He also raised the issue in the SDMC House meeting, proposing a fine of Rs. 5 lakhs for any establishment that denies entry to any person wearing traditional Indian attire.

Twitter users reacted to the news of the Delhi restaurant being shut. Take a look:

Interestingly, some Twitter users had also called for the closure or ban of the restaurant last week when the Saree incident had surfaced online. Take a look:

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The Delhi restaurant had issued a statement after the Saree issue surfaced on social media. They said the video clip was only a 10-second snippet of the entire one-hour incident and issued a clarification welcoming visitors wearing traditional Indian clothes.

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