Wait, What? Chefs Make Giant 44 KG Cake Pop; Set Guinness World Record


Layers of buttercream icing in the middle of a soft spongy base and garnishes of delicious chocolate shavings, biscuit crumbles or even colourful sprinkles- a decadent cake is simply divine. And we all know that we can never get enough of it in just one slice. So, we always try to order an extra piece or bake it at home. But do you love a cake so much that you would make a giant 44.24 kg cake pop out of it?! Sounds a bit unbelievable, right? Well, believe it or not, two people from the USA have made a cake pop weighing 44.24 kg, which achieved the title of “Largest Cake Pop” in Guinness World Record!

According to the Guinness World Record website, this was accomplished by Nick DiGiovanni (USA) and Lynn Davis (Japan) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, on 23rd November 2021.

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Guinness World Record website said, “Nick and Lynn went with confetti cake for their mega creation, which required five cups of sprinkles. At the time of measurement, the cake pop had a circumference of 50.75 inches (128.90 cm) and included a 33 inch (83.82 cm) stick.” They also added that “After the record was achieved, Nick and Lynn distributed the cake pop to friends to make sure nothing was wasted. The extra, unused ingredients were donated to a local food bank.”

Nick and Lynn even uploaded a video of them making this cake pop on Instagram. In the video, first, they prepare the cake batter and bake layers of cake base from it. Then for the icing, they mix cream cheese and sugar. After combining them, they set the cake pop in a huge circular mould, added a cake pop stick, and freeze it in dry ice. Lastly, they garnish the entire cake pop with colourful sprinkles to finish it! Watch the video here:

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