Transforming a Broken Hotel into an Affordable Workforce Housing is Challenging – Maxwell Drever

The pandemic outbreak has been detrimental for the entire humanity. It has posed an ample threat for families and communities worldwide. It has also adversely impacted the economy, commerce, and business space. But the objective is not to succumb to it and come up with a solution to what the pandemic outbreak has thrown at humanity.

Not everything that the pandemic has resulted is challenging and crisis-driven. In fact, it has also resulted in some great opportunities. Today, the hospitality industry has suffered immensely because of the pandemic outbreak. It is truer for extended-stay hotels. Also, the owners of the broken hotels who had plans to revamp their properties have not been able to do so, because of the limitations created by the pandemic.

Currently, most of the broken hotels and a few other similar properties are getting converted into affordable workforce housing. Maxwell Drever says, that the pandemic has made it possible as the hotel owners were not seeing any business coming from their properties. And eventually, it is helping to address and remedy the issue of the housing crisis.

The massive hotel conversions – The things to consider

Converting a broken hotel into a low-cost housing unit is not easy. It has to go through several phases to implement the project correctly. And for that it is essential to follow a set of guidelines. The crucial ones are:

  1. Getting the necessary permits – A property conversion will require a few essential permits. It can include the government sanctions and also the permits from the local area authorities and others. Hence, it’s necessary to get all the permits and approvals prior to the process, so that once the conversion starts, there is no hindrance midway.
  2. Getting a property inspection – A broken or old hotel might have flaws in its structure. However, it completely depends how aged the property is. Also, a hotel that is not in use for a long time is a property that is without the upkeep and maintenance, which can lead to walls getting dirty and fixtures requiring repair work. The property inspection is helpful in letting you know things you need to manage before the final conversion work starts. It also ensures that you are beginning the conversion work on a property that will not collapse and can stand the test of time.
  3. Educate the community – Maxwell Drever says that people who need an affordable housing unit have formed a community now. Hence, you must talk to this community, listen to them and get their feedback on the project you are about to commence. That way, they won’t get swayed by the rumors that they get to hear about the affordable living units. Also, when you listen to them, you are better updated on what they need and can shape your low-cost housing project accordingly. It will help you to serve the cause better.

Transforming a broken or old hotel into an affordable workforce housing unit takes time and dedication. And the guidelines mentioned above can help to ensure that the process takes place smoothly.