This Bhune Besan Ka Chicken Tikka Is Packed With Proteins And Loads Of Flavours


Chicken tikka is probably the best one among the whole lot of chicken snacks we know of. Grilled chicken pieces bursting out a range of flavours and that unmissable smokiness make it one of the most desired appetisers of all time. Whether it is a wedding function or a small gathering at home, chicken tikka is a solid hit. However, every human palate craves for a change; hence, there is a continuum of variations of almost every recipe we keep coming across. Chicken tikka, too, can be prepared in more than one way, and this recipe of bhune besan ka murgh tikka will definitely win your heart.

First, there is chicken, and then there is besan (gram flour) – both the foods are super rich in proteins, making this snack a real energy booster. Plus, besan adds in its palatable nutty flavour and dense texture to the tikka. But it’s not just the addition of besan that makes this snack unique. It is also the assortment of different flavours from different ingredients, and the unusual process of making the tikka with them.

Easy Chicken Tikka Recipe: How To Make Bhune Besan Ka Chicken Tikka

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Special food creations require a bit of extra effort, but the end result makes all of it worth it; you agree with us, right? This unique besan chicken tikka requires two steps of marination with different ingredients. First, the chicken pieces are marinated with vinegar, ginger-garlic paste and salt for about 20 minutes. Then they are dunked in a pool of roasted besan, hung curd, cheese, cream, mixed with different spices. Keep the chicken for at least one hour for all the flavours to seep in deep in the chicken to make it juicy, succulent and delicious.

Serve this bhune besan ka chicken tikka with green chutney or any chutney of your choice. Net time you crave for the flavourful chicken tikka to kick-start your evening, pick this recipe.

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