Sugar Cravings: Celebrity Nutritionist Shares 3-Step Formula To Exercise Self-Control


We often encounter a desire arising from within ourselves to munch on a cake, treat ourselves to a cookie, or relish chocolate. All these are perfect recipes for weight gain and recurring health issues. If you are worried about these habits and find it difficult to resist the temptation to indulge yourself, then celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has some tips to help you out of it. She has shared a three-step formula on Instagram to help her followers take their minds off these high-calorie foods.

While those who are trying to cut down on calories from their diet are more likely to face a dilemma when they see cookies and cakes. The nutritionist has said that her formula can help them know exactly whether they actually feel like eating those foods or just giving in to the craving out of habit.

So what exactly do you need to do? Rujuta said:

— have a glass of water

— eat a fresh fruit

— defer your decision by 15 mins

It’s likely that the craving will die out and you will realise that you can do without the calorie-rich foods for a longer duration. It’s an interesting way to train our body and mind, but the results can vary.

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Many of her followers expressed their agreement with the tip. And some said they have been practising it for a long time.

“Very true and I have done this for a long time,” wrote a person.

Another said, “Absolutely agree. And,  the last line, “giving in to the craving out of habit””.

Rujuta often shares tips to improve dietary habits for a healthy and balanced life. Previously, she helped her followers identify whether their food is fad or fab.

The nutritionist said a fad diet plan – which promises quick weight loss — is unhealthy and does not help in the longer run. The diet should be sustainable, she added.


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