Sri Lankan Chicken Curry: A Flavourful Chicken Recipe You Must Try


If there’s one chicken recipe that we non-vegetarian can’t say no to, it definitely has to be the ever-so-versatile chicken curry. From fiery chicken curries, zesty lemon chicken to creamy chicken curries, there are numerous chicken curry recipes coming from different regions around the world. And the best part is every chicken recipe will impress your palate in the same way. Isn’t it astonishing? We love how the essence of this popular recipe is never lost even with the addition and subtraction of various ingredients and spices. No matter what, this recipe is always rich, delicious and flavourful. While the list of chicken curry recipes is never-ending, here we bring you another delectable entrant in the list, it is called Sri Lankan Chicken Curry.

As the name suggests, this chicken curry recipe is derived from the cooking style of Sri Lankan cuisine. It is prepared by using coconut oil, a lot of spices (roasted and blended), chicken, and coconut milk. Once you make it, you’ll realize why the people there use the roasted hand-ground spices. The invigorating aroma and depth of flavours take this recipe to an altogether different culinary experience. Wondering how to make it at home? Read on.


Sri Lankan Chicken Recipe: How To Make Sri Lankan Chicken:

To begin with the recipe, you need to first roast all the spices and then grind it into powder. Once done, keep aside. Then marinate the chicken pieces with salt and turmeric.

Heat oil in a wok, add in the mustard seeds and onions. Sauté till they turn golden brown. After this, add ginger garlic paste, marinated chicken and cook for some time.

Now add in the roasted ground powder and mix everything. Once the masala is slightly cooked, add coconut milk, and mix again.

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So now what? You know the drill! Prepare this delicious chicken curry, and let us know how you liked the taste of it. Happy Cooking!


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