“Sorry, who are you?” Don’t fall for the over-friendly conversations on WhatsApp


WhatsApp keep informing its users about the potential scam they could encounter in daily lives. The Meta -owned instant messaging app is also the favorite place for fraudsters to set trap. There are specific words which keep popping in chats, mainly from an unknown source, such as ‘Hello Mum’ and ‘Hello Dad’ asking for financial help but now the scamsters have ‘’Sorry, who are you’’ kind of messages to dupe people. Daily, billions across the world use WhatsApp for chatting, sending images, videos, and payments also.

“They usually buy a VoIP number (that are not allowed to be used on WhatsApp) and they may have different targets: a specific person or random people. When they find a valid phone number, they send a message asking something like “Sorry, who are you? I found you in my address book”. They are always nice with you because they want to gain your trust,” noted WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo.

“They start asking for simple details, for example, what your name and job are and how old you are, and they pay some compliments to make you feel good,” he adds.

The tracker says, “This technique is very old but it’s still used in current days because it sometimes works. Scammers will try getting access to your public information on Facebook and Instagram, such as your friends list and other interesting details that may help them steal your money.” 

In fact, their next move is to blackmail you, saying that they will share some confidential pictures (real pictures, if you naively shared them, or edited pictures using Adobe Photoshop) with your friends and family if you don’t send them money. But they won’t stop blackmailing you after receiving money, because they want more money.

Why do I want to share this story with you? Scammers may message people in a drastic moment of psychological or sentimental fragility and be able to fool them. You need to know what’s behind a WhatsApp account.

You should always ignore unknown contacts and do not share private information such as your personal social account. You can also report the contact to WhatsApp from their contact info, but you can also report specific messages. In addition, be sure to set the privacy setting for your profile photo to “My Contacts”. 

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