Smart Advice for Solo Travellers


Solo travel is an unforgettable experience that one will remember for the rest of one’s life. Isn’t it true that no matter how old you become, you’ll never forget your first solo trip? Traveling alone is also enjoyable because it represents independence and freedom. So, while rolling solo this summer, have a fantastic trip adventure. However, there are a few things to consider before embarking on solo travel.

First and foremost, planning everything is an important phase that must be completed. To have a great stay, book the top hotels in Dubai (or wherever you are traveling to). Nobody enjoys the prospect of looking for a hotel after arriving at their location. As a result, planning is the most important aspect of your solo vacation.

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Here are a few pointers to help you travel efficiently while you’re on your own.

Choose Best Accommodation

It’s Critical to Pick the Right Accommodation

It’s not enough to book a hotel. Travelers, particularly alone travelers, should look for safe and secure accommodations. It’s important to remember that going for the cheapest choice just to save a few dollars isn’t always the best way to go about things. There is no price too great to pay to be safe. Make certain you use a reputable hotel’s online partners and websites. Make hotel reservations online by selecting the best option (and the most trusted websites). Spend wisely on hotel reservations, but don’t pick the lowest choice.

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Give Priority To Public Places

Women, in particular, should avoid crowded public venues when traveling alone. If you enjoy going late at night, you should avoid crowded public venues. In a crowded public venue, your chances of being robbed are slim. Furthermore, it is critical to have emergency phone numbers available. If something goes wrong, someone will be there to help you, from the cops to your family members. Also, do not hesitate to use the most reputable hotel booking services available online. Additionally, keep a first-aid kit on hand to ensure that you are covered if and when an incident complicates your travel plans

Carry Only What You Need

Carrying too much weight on your back is not a smart idea. Experienced travelers are well aware that carrying an overweight bag can not only limit your time but also deplete your vitality. Carry only what you need, such as a few pairs of clothes, hand sanitizers, maps, smartphones, replacement batteries, flashlights, first-aid kits, and so on. Also, leave a printout of the itinerary you’ll be following and stick to it. Those who care about you will be able to locate you in this manner if something (or everything) goes wrong.

Let a Friend Know Where You’re Going

Yes, keeping people informed is critical if and when someone is traveling alone. No matter where you are, someone from your family or circle of friends should be aware of your whereabouts. As a result, keep your phone turned on at all times. Also, make sure you have a set of backup batteries with you (for emergency use). It’s also a good idea to bring a portable charger/power bank because charging outlets aren’t always available.

Be Confident

Act as if you have a good sense of where you are and what you’re doing: When you’re traveling somewhere, try not to appear terrified, disoriented, or bewildered because it makes you appear weak. If you think you’ve lost your way or are unsure, seek assistance from someone you can trust. “Confidence is vital, especially when it comes to safety

Keep an eye on your security

Traveling alone is fantastic, but you must be a little more cautious than you would be with a travel companion. Some significant safety measures for solo travelers include:

  • Book a flight that arrives at your destination during the day so you don’t have to navigate a new location in the dark.
  • Don’t let on that you’re traveling alone to strangers. “Do you know how to get to the beach?” is a good question to ask if you need instructions. “I’m going to see a friend.”
  • Indulge in alcoholic beverages responsibly at restaurants to maintain your sanity

Make new Friends if you want to.

Yes, you should follow all of the aforementioned safety precautions, but it doesn’t imply you should avoid all human contact when traveling. In reality, some of my life’s longest friendships are with people I met on the road with whom I now share a shared bond and many pleasant memories. You have a lot of options if you want to travel alone but still want the security of a group. Consider tour organizations such as Intrepid Travel, which allows solo travelers to join group journeys all over the world, which focuses on young professionals looking to see the world and make new friends

Avoid lonely places at night

People are often startled when I tell them that I go out at night as a female single traveler. I travel by train and bus at night. After dark, I enjoy taking photos and exploring the city since it has a whole different look and feel.

However, because it is a potentially dangerous situation, I take more safeguards and precautionary measures to ensure my safety. With my late-night activities, I’m on high alert. I make myself hyper-aware of the sounds in my environment and more aware of what is going on around me. I spend a lot of time scanning my surroundings. I’m becoming more conscious of potentially unsafe zones and the proximity of people to me.

Avoid places that are dark and unlit. Instead, work your way around them, avoiding any locations where you might be drawn into dark corners. Keep on the main road in well-lit areas. Avoid using headphones so you can hear what’s going on around you and be aware of anyone approaching from behind.


No matter your age, traveling alone can be one of the most exhilarating, liberating, and eye-opening experiences you’ll ever have. With the delight of limitless freedom, it provides abundant chances for self-reflection and progress. It can also be intimidating, especially if this is your first solo trip.