Nine of the Most Popular December Holidays and their Symbolism


December is undoubtedly the most joyful month of the year. It is distinguished by the variety of celebrations and celebrations throughout the globe, including more formal social, social, and even surprising corporate occasions. This article examines the most important eight most infamous December Global Holidays around the world and the significance of each.


Date Inscribed between November 28 and December 6

Class: Religious

The reason it’s marked to commemorate the re-dedication that was The Second Temple in Jerusalem

Where it’s marked: Israel and different Jewish peoples across the globe

Sometimes referred to as Chanukah also known as the Festival of Lights, Hannukah is an 8-day Jewish celebration that typically begins with day 25 of Kislev, the long stretch of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar. There is generally a slight deviation from the day on which Hannukah commences each year according to the Gregorian calendar. In this year’s calendar, the festival occurs between November 28 and Dec 6.

Hannukah is a time to commemorate the re-devotion that was The Second Temple of Jerusalem after the Maccabean Revolt. The celebrations include lighting candles every night throughout each of the seven days. Hannukah is further distinguished by the singing of unusual songs, like Ma’oz Tzur in the same manner as discussions on the Hallel petition. Other popular Hannukah traditions include eating oil-dried foods such as potato flapjacks (otherwise known as latkes) and doughnuts filled with jam (otherwise known as sufganiyot). Celebrants also enjoy playing with dreidels, and exchange blessings.

World AIDS Day

Date Noted 1st of December

Class Health

The reason it’s marked to expose the underlying causes of the terrible problem of HIV/AIDS

Where It’s marked All over the world

The idea for World AIDS Day was first suggested through James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter in August 1987. At the time, Bunn and Netter were serving as open data official of the WHO’s Global Program on AIDS. The following year, the primary World AIDS Day was set aside on the 1st of December which is still the real date.

World AIDS Day is devoted to bringing awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS as well as acknowledging those who are affected or affected by the disease. There are many ways to mark the day, such as helping the poor and homeless children afflicted from the virus, encouraging safe-sex crusadesand encouraging governments to intensify efforts to stop spreading of HIV.

Santa Clause Lucia

Date Noted Date Marked: 13th December

Class: Religious

What’s the reason for it? In honor of Lucia who was from Syracuse.

Where it’s marked: Scandinavia and in Italy

Santa Clause Lucia was an Italian saint who was a slain saint. She is seen as an icon of light during the darkest time in the calendar. Santa Clause Lucia is recalled and celebrated every year on the 13th of December in Sweden as a symbol of joy and hope. This important date is distinguished by parades and environmental shows that feature singers in white, hats and shirts as well as real flames.


Old-fashioned people marked Yule with a massive symbol in a massive fire and going through the long night outdoors. Although the tradition of eating logs is modern as it gets, many also celebrate this holiday by creating the Yule special elevated area and putting together the evergreen Yule wreath or expressing gratitude to Mother Nature. Candlelit dinners and Yule ornaments for trees are also common, as is trading in nature-based endowments.


Date Noted 23rd December

Classification parody

The reason it’s marked to fight commercialization of Christmas

Where it’s marked The world over, and particularly on the United States

Festivus is a worldwide celebration that became a part of mainstream culture in 1997. It was the politeness of a scene from the Seinfeld show titled “The Strike.” The purpose of this spoof celebration is to oppose to the industrialization of Christmas. Instead of buying a expensive Christmas trees, Festivus is set apart by being confined to a plain aluminum pole. Other common Festivus traditions include “impressive achievements” as well as “circulating in the form of complaints.”

Some intellectuals have criticized the devotees of Christmas, claiming they are opposed to people who have absurd views about Christmas and its significance. Whatever the case this holiday keeps growing in popularity especially among those who are budget-conscious and moderate-minded people.


Date Inscribed Date Marked: 25th December

Classification: Religious

What is the reason for it? to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

Where It’s marked All over the world

Christmas is, without doubt, the most well-known December holiday. The holiday marks the arrival into the history of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who Christians consider as the final visible prophet who was sent by God to protect mankind from sin. The thing that sets Christmas apart from other traditional celebrations is the fact that the holiday is, in general, also celebrated by non-Christians.

However, it’s important to note that the exact date of Jesus His arrival into the world remains elusive. The Christmas holiday was chosen primarily due to its connection with winter solstice , which is a part of the Roman calendar. Also, Christmas is seen by different countries as a holiday that is more social than an event that is strictly observed. There are a variety of ways to observe the holiday and include gifts to Santa Claus or Father Christmas. Many people also attend the church on Christmas Day and some prefer to take a strenuous and quick excursion.

Boxing Day

Date Noted Date Marked: 26th December

Class General

What is the reason it’s marked The symbolism of HTML0 is different

Where It’s Indicated All over the world

The assessment has been divided regarding the way Boxing Day appeared and how best to celebrate it. Some groups believe that it was the official day that churches of worship made contributions boxes for the poor following Christmas. Others see Boxing Day as the day to bless youth, postmen and other workersin recognition of their dedication to their work.

Despite the images, Boxing Day remains one of the most renowned December Global Holidays. It has since been declared a public holiday in a variety of countries across the globe that includes Canada as well as Australia, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. In these countries, Boxing Day is ordinarily celebrated by sorting out with games.


Date Noted from December 26 to January 1

Class The term “Cultural” refers to the way in which HTML0 is used

What is the reason for it? to safeguard certain African quality

Where it’s marked All over the world, but particularly on the United States

Kwanzaa is a celebration in December which was first observed in African history, and is a popular holiday throughout and around the United States. The idea for the day was conceived by the Dr. Maulana Karenga and first was observed in 1966 following the Watts rebellions at Los Angeles, California. The word “kwanzaa” comes from an interpretation that is free that is a free interpretation of the Swahili word ‘kwanza meaning ‘first. In this instance the name is derived out of the Swahili expression “matunda you kwanza” that means “the most essential organic food products.”

Kwanzaa is usually celebrated with traditional African songs and dances. Also, there is reading verse, narrating and studying the different rules and positives of African culture. These celebrations typically go full circle with an extravagant customary dinner at the end of each day, and the ultimate blowout known as “Karamu” on the 31st of December.

New Year’s Eve

Date Noted the 31st of December

Classification General

The reason it’s marked To verify the year’s close

Where It’s Indicated All over the world

The recurring December event on this calendar also falls on the very final day in the month. The reason behind the celebration is to celebrate the close of the previous year as we begin the new year.

There are many ways to observe the day. People who are strict go to their sacred places to express their gratitude to God for the blessings God has granted them another year. Some people observe New Year’s Eve celebrations in bars, restaurants and other celebrations. The biggest celebrations begin at 12 pm when yells of joy music, firecrackers, and melodies fill the air.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt that there’s an extensive variety of global holidays in December to let you close out your year with fashion.

Remember that December isn’t just a month to enjoy the finest things in your daily life. It’s also the perfect time to recognize the worth in people who have created a lasting living by extending them appropriate blessings.

Therefore, it’s sensible to prepare yourself adequately to enjoy this season by putting aside enough cash to pay for it.

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