Jowar Masala Roti: A Healthy Alternative To Your Regular Rotis



If you are on a weight-loss diet or have lost weight in the past, you know that there are no shortcuts to leading a healthy lifestyle. From daily exercises to a well-balanced diet, following healthy practices will help in shedding those extra kilos. However, many times, a lot of us regain the lost weight very quickly. That’s when we realise that maintaining weight is also as essential as losing it! But how do you exactly do that? The answer is simple by following a healthy diet and regular workout. And you can do that easily by switching some of your daily indulgences with more nutritious options! For instance, roti, a staple in Indian food, is eaten in probably every meal and is said to increase weight if made from wheat. So, if you want to give your roti a healthy twist, then here we bring you a recipe of jowar masala roti!


Jowar, commonly known as sorghum, is regarded as one of the healthiest foods available. This grain is known for its numerous health benefits, including improved digestion, increased immunity, improved heart health, blood sugar control, improved skin and hair and most importantly, weight loss! With such benefits of jowar, let us check out how to make this delicious jowar masala roti.

How To Make Jowar Masala Roti | Easy Jowar Masala Roti Recipe

First, in a bowl, add jowar flour and then add chopped onions, cabbage, and carrots. Then add salt, pepper, red chilli and mix. Now slowly add lukewarm water to make a dough. Make sure that the dough is not too soft. Once it is made, sprinkle some jowar from the top and let it rest for 10 minutes. Now, make roundels of this dough and form a roti. Bake this roti on a pan from medium to high heat. When it turns golden, serve it with any sabzi and dal to enjoy!

For the full recipe of jowar masala roti, click here.

Make this delicious and healthy roti, and let us know how you liked the taste of it.


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