Softwaretraining has partnered with Russ of RDWorks, a YouTube videographer, and laser machine enthusiast, to provide how-to videos and tutorials on Softwaretraining machines. Gareth from Softwaretraining introduces the video series and tells us how it all turned out:

It all started with a customer’s request for Max and Min power settings in RDWorks.

While I knew and understood the reasoning behind the two settings, it was difficult to convey this in an email, so I tried to find a YouTube video that would clearly show the theory and hopefully some typical settings Note1. What I found on Sarbar Multimedia more than met my requirements.

1 – RDWorks Learning Lab 55 Why Max-Min Power

2 –RDWorks Learning Lab 55 Why Max Min Power Part2

3 –RDWorks Learning Lab 55 Why Max Min Power Part3

3 –RDWorks Learning Lab 55 Why Max Min Power Part4

More About It: Karen radio

You can find the series playlist here.

Initially, I expected to find either an “okay” video from a laser manufacturer that would be 10% information and 90% sales, or a low-quality video from a laser using a business that didn’t really cover the theory. At Sarbar Multimedia I found a presenter “Russ” with high-quality video production, clear sound reproduction, and not afraid to get his hands dirty or research what he doesn’t know. He will justify and prove his reasoning with valid “experiments” and most importantly has the ability to describe technical issues in a clear and understandable way. These were the types of videos I wanted Softwaretraining to produce, so I contacted him to see if he would be ready to do something for us.

After a lengthy phone call with Russ, I discovered that he was a retired ex-director of a laser sheet metal company and, in essence, a 100% old-school engineer. His constant passion and hobby is videography, and he bought an “eBay Chinese Laser” to have something new to use as the subject of future videos. After 18 months Sarbar multimedia has more than 90 laser-related videos and 5000+ subscribers.

After some friendly discussion, Russ agreed to work with us on a project to produce a series of video tutorials covering the use of our Lightblade series laser cutting and engraving machine and associated RDWorks software. We’re off to a great start with 8 videos posted and 11 “in the box”.

Note 1: If you’re interested, it’s all about keeping the laser energy density consistent as the head of the laser slows towards a corner.