Rana Daggubati Is “Just Being A Heavy Duty South Indian” With These Delicious Dishes


It’s always a fun to have insights from the personal lives of celebrities. It’s good to know that they, too, have a strong liking for food just like many of us. Actor Rana Daggubati relished a sumptuous meal recently, and he shared the joy and excitement of having it with his followers on social media. Rana posted a photo on Instagram Stories of a delectable south Indian spread that seems irresistible and looks every bit tempting. The first thing that caught our attention was wholesome Kerala-style appam surrounded with bowls of what looked like sambar, chutney, and a range of curries.

A little ahead on the table, we could spot some more bowls of spicy chutneys cooked with a number of flavours. We could also see what looked like a paratha on the other side. The actor captioned the photo, “Just being a heavy duty south Indian”, and we couldn’t agree more. Take a look at it here:


Though Rana Daggubati doesn’t often share photos of food, when he does, we can tell you, the dishes look every bit lip-smacking. Once, he had shared a photo of his breakfast on Instagram, and it made us hungry. His plate had a stack of pancakes, topped with blueberries and strawberries. On the side, we could see, what looks like, maple syrup and some butter.

On another occasion, Rana Daggubati had shared a post of his “morning festive breakfast at the airport”. The breakfast was not just festive, it was indulgent too — a giant burger with cheese oozing from the sides, paired with French fries and a dip. Take a look:

Apart from breakfast, even Rana Daggubati’s “family dinner” looks king-size. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this photo on Instagram that Rana had shared a few years ago. It was a large plate, filled with loads of roasted meat, corn on the cob, some lettuce leaves, and salad. On a lighter note, he wrote in the caption, “Now you know how I got this big!!!”

From Rana Daggubati’s culinary diaries, though far and few between, we can say one thing — if he gets the right kind of food on his plate, his heart is won. Don’t you think so?


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