Plates, Bowls And More: 5 Gifting Options For This Festive Season


The festive season is here and so is the time for all the fun and enthusiasm. India is now on a celebration mode with people marking different festivities back-to-back. Cleaning the house, buying new clothes, preparing delicious foods and more – we are doing it all to add on to the festive vibe. Another important ritual during any festivity is gifting. We visit friends and family and exchange gifts as a gesture of love and appreciation. As the festival of Diwali is knocking the doors, we decided to prepare a list of different kitchen utensils that you can gift to your loved ones. Each of these utensils is available on Amazon with lucrative discounted price, thanks to the ongoing Great Indian Festival. Take a look.

Here’re 5 Gifting Options For You:

Product Name Price
IndianCraftVilla Handmade Silver-Plated Bowl Set Rs. 1980
Canwood Wooden Pickle Trolley with Two Bowls Rs. 449
Shri Hari Art Villa Stainless Steel Plates Rs. 550
Machak Xcllent Container Set For Kitchen Airtight, Unbreakable, Black (Set of 3) 500 ml Rs. 229
KEETOZ Set of 2 Glass Bowl with Lid Multipurpose Decorative Serving Candy Fruit Dry Fruits Rs. 424

Here’s a handi-shaped bowl set that comes with spoons and a tray, ideal for serving desserts. Each of the utensils is silver-plated and has an antique look that adds on to the beauty of a dining set up. The best part is this bowl set comes in a pretty box, making it an ideal gifting option during anniversary, Diwali et al.

20% off

For the ones who likes it eco-friendly, we have this beautiful wooden bowl options for you. This beautiful setup includes a trolley and two bowls that are made of high-quality wood and assures stability. You can serve pickle, salt, condiments, mouth-fresheners et al in these bowls.

59% off

We also bring some good quality stainless-steel plates for you. This product comes in a set of six quarter plates – each of which have floral motif made on it. These motifs make the plates look pretty and also make it ideal gifting option during different occasions. You can use these plates to serve chaat, snacks, noodles etc.

38% off

Dry fruits make a common gifting option during Diwali. How about gifting these dry fruits in these air-tight containers? We bring you a container set option that is made with BPA-free, food-grade plastic and comes with an air-tight lid to lock the moisture. This option comes in a set of three beautiful containers – each of which is unbreakable and shatterproof.

40% off

We found another beautiful option that will help beautify your dining setup in just no time. Made of good quality glass, this option comes in a set of two pretty-looking containers. You can store toffee, snacks, mouth-freshener etc in these containers. That’s not all. It can make a perfect decorative piece for your kitchen setup as well.

57% off

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