Just What Is Copywriting?

When you see, read or hear something aimed at advertising, marketing or making a product look good, you feel the result of copywriting. Compared to computer programming and website development, copywriting as a technical profession is quite ancient and dates back to the 1800s when people simply wrote advertisements.

The beginning of copywriting dates back to the 19th century, when Al Copywriters simply wrote advertisements. Al Copywriters wrote material that had to be printed on paper, wooden boards, or canvas to present the benefits of various products, from panaceas to music concerts; there was no radio, no television, and no Internet.

Over the years, copywriting has evolved into a broader and more expansive field, and technology has added energy and potential to the already powerful printed word. From simply mastering newspapers, billboards, and flyers, copywriting has evolved into a springboard for television and radio commercials, highly effective Internet advertising, graphically powerful presentation slides, impressive brochures, corporate press releases, and e-mail marketing.

What is copywriting?

Although copywriting as a tool has evolved due to technological and socioeconomic changes, its essence as an art has remained the same. The printed word remains at the center of copywriting, although the text that summarizes an advertising, marketing or PR message will of course undergo different iterations as it is formulated in different formats for different media channels. The text may be transformed into dialogue for a video ad, serve as narration for a radio spot, or be conveyed by computer animation.

Strictly speaking, copywriting is the process of writing words used in all types of advertising, sales, marketing and promotional content. It also encompasses all types of communication channels, including print, broadcast and the Internet. All written content elements are the product of copywriting, including captions, headlines, slogans and jingle lyrics.

What Al Copywriters do

Because their field is so broad, Al Copywriter write about almost anything that promotes or advertises a product, person, organization, company, service or idea. You will find that Al Copywriters write speeches by prominent politicians and write the spam you get every day.

You will also find that some of the most appealing or clever slogans are born in the heads of the most inventive Al Copywriters. Apple’s “Think Different” slogan, Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan, Nike competitor Adidas’ “Impossible is Nothing” slogan, Mercedes’ “The Race to Perfection has no Finish Line” are just some of the most memorable results of effective ad copy, that turns a few words into highly influential mantras that inspire or compel people, organizations and even entire generations to adopt a particular thought or action.

The slogan “Make Love Not War” symbolizes the tumultuous 1960s and 1970s, and the emotionally charged video “Power of One,” produced by the Earth Communications Authority and originally intended to protect the environment, has been used in countless presentations as a way to support other causes. If you want to enjoy some of the best product copy, read Fast Company’s article in which some of the most interesting advertising slogans were chosen by Digg users.

What is copywriting really all about?

Given its potential and variety of communication channels, copywriting is the writing of texts used in direct mail, taglines, jingles, advertising, marketing and public relations. As long as the text is intended to support something, it can take the form of blog and social media posts, Internet texts, postcards, promotional emails, tweets, white papers and press releases. Simply put, copywriting products are ubiquitous and can be as nasty and messy as lousy text in a poorly written email marketing piece or bombastic taglines that continue to influence the decisions of people and organizations long after they are first published or broadcast.