New Year 2022: Expert Tips On How To Plan Your Diet While Partying


New Year’s eve officially mark the culmination of the festive and party season. This time period witnesses people ardently indulging themselves in festivities, gatherings and other work & family functions. While it’s a great time to spend time and enjoy the parties it can also be the time where you will find yourself overindulging in alcohol and calorie intake. Pune-based fitness and health coach, Chirag Barjatya, shares some important inputs that will help you keep a check on your intake and cravings, while you can enjoy parties as well your fitness regime. 

How to plan your diet while you are going partying or hitting the gym a day after drinking? Here’s all you need to know. 

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Expert Diet Tips For New Year’s Eve:

1. What changes can one make to their day/diet plan when they are heading out for drinks?
Make sure you complete most of your protein intake at home before heading out for drinks. Due to a high satiating index of protein, you will stay full for a long time and are less likely to drink more. 

2. What to do if you are planning to party but can’t miss a workout?
Whenever we drink, our body first prioritizes alcohol and then the other nutrients for digestion. Wait for as long as you can between your exercise regime and drinks. Keep in mind to drink a lot of fluids and keep your workout short.

3. The potential downsides of drinking and exercise? 
Alcohol slows down the rate of muscle building i.e.,decrease in muscle protein synthesis. Plus it will create toxicity in the organs over a period of time. Your stamina also decreases once you consume alcohol on a regular basis. 

4. Does caffeine really help alleviate intoxication quicker?  
Alcohol makes one feel drowsy, while caffeine acts as a catalyst to make you feel awake but it does not help in speeding up your metabolism of the drinks you have consumed. In fact mixing caffeine with alcohol can be dangerous because it tricks you into believing that you’re sober. 

5. If not caffeine then what should one have to wear off the hangover?
One should go for lemon and salt water to wear off their hangover. Since our body is dehydrated after consuming alcohol, lemon water with salt helps in restoring it.

6. Pro Tip:
When you’re at the party and everyone’s offering you a drink, you can choose to have a diet coke or lime water or soda in your hand during that moment, that way you won’t feel out of the herd and people are less likely to ask you to have a drink.

The holiday season is meant to enjoy and live in the moment but always remember you don’t have to go overboard in terms of extra calories or alcohol. Everything is possible. It is better to reach out to your diet coach for special instructions and tips, if viable, keep your diet coach posted on your plans so that he or she can help you prepare for it. Happy New Year 2022!

About The Author: Chirag Barjatya is a young fitness and health coach.



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